Magnus WINS a DRAWISH ENDGAME! #shorts #chess #magnuscarlsen

Magnus WINS a DRAWISH ENDGAME! #shorts #chess #magnuscarlsen


  1. Why didnt magnus move Re2 after moving the rook onto the e file and instead move his f rook?

  2. Could be wrong but this seems very winning from the start. Two rooks is usually equal to queen but in a situation where they both have passed pawns the two rooms can stop the passed pawn easily while the queen has a hard time defending against the pawn

  3. Don’t misuse the word damn.

  4. If he took the white pass pawn by middle rook, his opponent will put the white queen behand the black pass pawn and thus magnus will not be able to save his pass pawn by putting his rook behind his pass pawn

  5. Вот поэтому Магнус и машина. То, как он разыгрывает такие эндшпили, и говорит о его классе как шахматиста

  6. After QF2 why not rd2 because if queen captures, you can push your pawn and they can’t stop it

  7. Did somebody run this position through an engine? There is no way this is a draw

  8. if he did not put his middle rook back in the first row, his opponent could get a draw because of reputational check

  9. Hw technically didn't win a drawing endgame, his opponent just ran our of time

  10. Magnus mitt navn er også Magnus men du er kjempe god i sjakk fortsett med det bra arbeidet

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