MASTER Chess Endgamesāš”King and Rook vs King and Bishop

Is the chess endgame šŸ‘‰ King and Rook vs King and Bishop winning for the strong side? How is the plan to win or get a draw? Are there some exceptional positions? These are some of the questions we are going to answer in this video.

00:17 In general
01:01 The Right Corner
02:03 Trick in the Right Corner
03:13 The Wrong Corner

Summing up
– When this endgame is correctly defended, it should be a draw.
– The way to defend is, avoid the corners, but when you are forced, go to the opposite-colored corner.
– If the strong side can trap the enemy King in the wrong corner, then it should be winning, and the way to win is by creating double threats of Bishop and check in the Backrank.

Here you can practice this endgame vs an Engine:

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