Master Endgame Chess Strategies ft. Andrea Botez | GM Daniel Naroditsky

00:00 Intro
01:05 First Position
14:30 Second Position
26:00 Third Position
33:15 Fourth Position
49:20 Fifth Position
59:10 Sixth Postion

Looking to up your chess game? Join Andrea Botez and Daniel Naroditsky as they teach you advanced endgame strategies in this masterclass lesson. From pawn structures to king and pawn endgames, you’ll learn everything you need to know to dominate your opponents. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn from two of the best in the game.

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  1. The secret to the first endgame study is that blacks king can move horizontally, gaining a tempo on the bishop, while at the same time moving forward to stop the pawn.

  2. Will you add this to your endgame series?

  3. The second endgame study is a famous one, once again the key is the black king can create threats while moving forward, as a diagonal move moves forward and sideways at the same time.

  4. Priceless content Danya. Really appreciate

  5. “Soda? Not good for you” – Andrea Botez wearing a Mountain Dew hat

  6. Andrea was talking about how it is difficult to conceptually connect some of the "abstract" warmup endgames, but I feel like I see a pattern amongst all of them. Although they all require seemingly odd moves, the goal of all the moves is to displace a pawn such that you can gain control of a square, allowing your king to swoop in.

  7. Absolute model presentation of coaching in chess essentials with real reactions, normal people with the normal distractions, keeping it light hearted with humour to leaven the serious stuff.

  8. Drinking sparkling water and breathing air
    What a legend danya

  9. The main issue I find hardest with endgames is knowing when to really look for stuff, if you know there’s a good option then it’s possible to find. I’m often thinking for ages when there’s nothing in the position, waste a load of time trying to calculate and losing in a sloppy time scramble.

  10. 37:28 – Kg5 is actually a draw after Kg3. I calculated the win after Kf3 but then I checked tablebase: Kg5 Kg3 Kxh5 Kf4 and black catches the pawn.

  11. I wonder if im sexist because the idea that a girl as hot as Andrea can gutter stomp me in chess while being extremely ADHD and silly is extremely disturbing.

  12. what an amazing video, thanks again danya

  13. Went through this video pretty much without sound after a few minutes. I know she brings in more viewers but probably just as much cringe. You focus on education, she on "entertainment" for whoever enjoys this. It just doesn't mix well. Your exercises with Levi were waaaaaay better as there is clearly some synergy between you two. Thanks for the exercises.

  14. Double whammy. Andrea Botez and an endgame lesson?? Lol but I would never thumbs down you.

  15. Amazing video. Daniel teaching is truly awesome. Botez sister was a nice student. Thank you guys!

  16. To be this good at teaching and explaining complicated problems and thought processes is such a gift, that it is shared with the community for free is simply amazing.

  17. Andrea = dislike video. Sorry Danya.

  18. 36:00 Kd4 is even more straight forward imo than h4 and also leaves zero chance for counter play or and other silliness.

  19. On Fourth Position Why H4 and not just kd4 and win panw cause blokade on kingside

  20. Danya need to curb his ego and accept that Hikaru is better than him at chess. the day he will accept that fact. I will respect him and stop trolling. but untill that happen. I will keep keep remind him that Hikaru was/is and will always be a superior chess player.

  21. How do people not talk about how much of a smoke show Andrea is?

  22. Andrea Botez I would definitely date you

  23. It's irritating when a student doesn't appear to be engaged. Is she not paying attention? The little smirks and sideways glances are just obnoxious. Generation ADHD. Nah, this video is too distracting to get instructive value from. Andrea is too irritating. And the hat is retarded.

  24. So nice to see the cutest chess player and Andrea Botez in one video.pp

  25. 32:15 actually Bh5 wins as well after the line Andrea showed Bh5 Bxb5 white as Bf7 and e7# is unstoppable

  26. 37:40 Kg5 ?? Due to Kg3 if kxh5 kf4. If e5 h4 e6 h3 and resulting position is draw. Best is e5! Instead of Kg5. e5 h4 e6 h3 e7 h2 e8Q h1Q Qe2+ if Kg1 Kg3 and now mate is unstoppable. If Kh3 then Qg4 Kh3 Qg3#.

  27. Why isn't this in your end game play list?

  28. 32:15 something about this variation is slightly off because Bxb5 is not the correct answer by black since Bf7 would end the game on the spot with e7 Matuzki to follow. Black however could step to the side with the king if Bh5 first instead of e7+, causing problems with pawn promotion.

  29. The concept of not having to move your pawns has actually helped me tremendously in endgames. Thank you for the great video!

  30. It's so brilliantly explained. Instant subscribe.

  31. the first position actually black could just let white king to take the bishop
    because after that though white promotes first , black could attack the f5 king after promoting into a queen

  32. In the 4th position, doesn't white have waiting moves with their king between d4-d5, to exhaust blacks h pawn pushes, and then pick up black's e pawn and win much easier? Without pushing our own h pawn, we never give black to option to enter via g4.

  33. Minute 37:14…this position is a draw 😂…I put it in an engine and after black plays king g3 it’s a draw smh …this guy does not know endgames lmao

  34. 2:05

    Danya: “If you could think aloud, that obviously h-“

    Andrea: “I’VE HAD AN EPIPHANY”

  35. In the position: white king on g5, pawn on e4, black king on g2, pawn on h5. Black can still make a draw with king on g3!

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