Nakamura vs. So Endgames from Speed Chess Championship

NM Spencer Finegold discusses endgames from a match between Hikaru Nakamura and Wesley So. This lecture was recorded December 23, 2018 at CCSCATL in Roswell, Georgia.

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Intro and concluding music: “Da Jazz Blues,” by Doug Maxwell; . Thank you Doug!


  1. So this is what 1'0 clock is ??I hate when that happens !!

  2. Was this fimled in the 80s? Ben looks very young. Very suspicious….

  3. Excellent lecture! So many techniques of creating passed pawns i never knew of before this. Thanks for the upload!!

  4. I like Spencer's little laughs at some of his own comments, clearly the deadpan skill is only unlocked at IM level. Also great lecture, really instructive. He has a knack for walking you through concepts and making it seem like you figured it out by yourself!

  5. Spencer looks like a guy I met in a yurt at Burning Man.

  6. Any chance you all could bring back the Nigel Short lecture? I saw it pop up earlier but I see it's gone now.

  7. Great job flipping the board Spencer. Kummer is watching! If this is a FROM THE VAULT installment, Back To The Future would blush.

  8. How do you prepare g4?
    Are you not afraid of black playing h4 and taking en passant?
    No! What's en passant?

  9. Love your chess lessons Spencer – keep em coming – more endgames!

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