New in Chess Book Review – Endgame Virtuoso Carlsen

Daniel King reviews the book Endgame Virtuoso Magnus Carlsen: His Extraordinary Skills Uncovered and Explained by Tibor Karolyi:
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  1. Chess Legends Ranking1) Magnus Carlsen2) Garry Kasparov3) Anatoly Karpov4) Bobby Fischer5) Alexander Alkhine6) Jose Capablanca7) Vladimir Kramnik8) Vishy Anand9) Emanuel Lasker10) Paul Morphy11) Mikhail Tal12) Mikhail Botvinik13) Vasily Smyslov14) Wilhelm stientz15) Victor Korchnoi16) Paul Keres17) Tigran Petrosian18) Boris Spassky

  2. Daniel, i'm sorry to be the bad spirit in the party but your videos in the last couple of months have not met the standard you've set in previous years. i hope u bounce back. i understand no one likes criticism but i find myself leave the videos u make after 5 minutes, and that rarely happened in the past.

  3. Excellent, instructive video and great idea to do book reviews.

  4. I got it. Nice book as previous of this author and subject

  5. This book i would buy and spend alot of time on! Endgame is very interesting to study.

  6. Danny , I hope one day you 'll grab and play that guitar conveying even more incentive to your remarquable work of commenting

  7. I don’t get it. I always hear GM’s say that Carlsen wins so many drawn endgames and that few—if any— can understand how he pulls it off. So how can a weaker player explain what so few seem to understand?

  8. Excellent review!!
    What a fantastic idea that was (Bf1! in combination with Be1! ro f2)…a perfect mini-warm up to the World Championship Match which is almost here 😀

  9. Caruana is probably reading this book now ….
    Now it will be a great championship coming up !!!
    OMG Still Magnus will win 🙂

  10. Thank you Danny, fabiano will immediately get one as soon as he watches this video 🙂

  11. Good stuff, Mr King. Looking forward to more examples of endgame technique with MC. Nice literature for chess lovers.

  12. It's strange….When I see games of GMs I aspire to one day be that good but when I see the games of GMs when they were a lot earlier in their development, I just want to give up!!

  13. Danny has photoshopped his face in front of a real background – he's not really in the picture, only the background is. You can tell because his expression never changes and his image is just translated about the screen. it's all fake apart from the background – I can tell, I'm very knowledgable in special effects.

  14. His end games in bullet are often mind blowing as well and he has thousands to look at and marvel over

  15. I predict Fabi will be champion this month!

  16. Someone know where I can buy Botvinnik Book in Chess ?

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