New Packs are BROKEN and I Pulled MULTIPLE ENDGAMES for Endgame Tacko Fall in NBA 2K23 MyTeam

2K just released the new endgame packs and I pulled multiple endgame pulls in nba 2k23 myteam in what has to be our best pack opening so far with how many endgame and invincible dark matters we pulled…

All New Endgame and Dark Matters :
nba 2k23 endgame yao ming
nba 2k23 endgame tacko fall
nba 2k23 endgame victor wembanyama
nba 2k23 endgame porzingis
nba 2k23 invincible tim thomas
nba 2k23 invincible kyle kuzma

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  1. The ending had me dying!! You are a legend brother!!!

  2. Man o w ish I had your pack luck I opened 30 packs today and got nothing I just wanna pack an endgame bro how do you do it

  3. Bro that Shaun Livingston injury video is brutal

  4. Bro said I pulled multiple endgames and pulled 1 keep that up and I ain’t watching no more cmon man

  5. “magical johnson, rubbb him- actually don’t rub him oh god” 😂

  6. I wish they woulda made yao or Tacko an invincible and the other an endgame

  7. Come up with some new material bro, you're just as repetitive as 2k.

  8. The odds are actually terrible. Opened 20 and got nothing. Fortunately it doesn't affect the awesomeness of Carlos.

  9. I'm just so happy I don't really have to worry about running into any of these cards. You're not pulling them, they're too expensive and most people are too broke to spend 50 bucks 4 them…👍

  10. I pulled end game wemby off 1 single big W 😂🔥

  11. When the ending happened in the Stream I was laughing like crazy😂
    Congratiolations on Tacko Fall

  12. I want to ask, can I still get the KD who chooses one of the three in the seventh season now in the eighth season?

  13. How come you say west coast and east coast and not conference?

  14. I’m not going to even lie this was my first year doing my team and it’s bc of u and Evan . Y’all were really helpful . Can’t wait for the next game but I just stopped my team to play the AEW game

  15. 5:34 AYOOOOO, i just played a game and this is the first thing i hear

  16. It would ne cool if there was a end game manute bol instead of porzings

  17. i got invincible manu and endgame kristaps porzingus

  18. I opened 20 endgame packs and got 0 dark Matters

  19. I pulled Tim Tomas out of one mt pack and sold it for 120k right before the price dropped

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