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Welcome to the Chess Steps Series, where I teach you various concepts on your road to being a superstar chess genius. This is Episode 1.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Game 1 vs 205
14:21 Game 2 vs 411
26:06 Game 3 vs 548
41:57 Game 4 vs 540

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  1. I think GothamChess is the best informational Chess player I have ever seen. Keep it up man! Your video and stream flows are perfect.

  2. Thank you. As a raw beginner, this was sooooo helpful.

  3. I don’t have time to get into this right now, I just wanted to click through to comment what a superb thumbnail 😂👌🏻

  4. Beautiful explanation. I don't know if I will be able to actually execute such thinking, but the way you decipher everything is phenomenal.

  5. duuuuuude, why did the 3rd guy resign? I know, it's gotham he is playing against, but still, you never resign when your opponent has 10 seconds left!!! Pray to the bad internet god idk

  6. After watching this, I've been winning and had a 6 game-win streak. Have gone to 594! Will be watching the next video in the series soon!
    Huge value in these videos and easy to understand.

  7. “If a piece ever gets this far into your territory, cos this obviously is your territory, you are allowed to ask a question, like “what are you doing here?”” This made me giggle 😂

  8. Love your videos! I'm from Brazil. Always wanted to learn chess, but the books were too abstract and hard. Your explanations are great for beginners like me, I'm addicted on chess because of your channel!

  9. Thank you so much. I played chess as a kid against my dad who knew some basic tactics. Now I am 28 I want to try again but I felt so frustrated being a 300 score player. I nearly quit but because of you I want to pursue because chess is much more than just playing to show intelligence. It is bonding with people and train the brain. And fun. I love your explanations and how you treat your opponent. A great Master with class. Love you Levi you are a boss!

  10. I fucking hate how simple these videos make chess seem 😀 "oh haha you just follow this simple structure and take take here you fork the king and the queen with a pawn with the gigachad gambit defense opening very nice" that's not how it ever goes I somehow lose on turn 4 or something

  11. you rly had to put the 0 don't you?

  12. It was really cool that I found a hanging queen in the position 14:02
    It goes like this:
    Kg8 forced
    Kxf7 forced
    Kf8 forced
    and that's how you win a queen 😀

  13. I just thought Gotham will tell various mistakes people do at these levels but no he actually played according to the elo, much appreciated!!

  14. Just started playing back after 17 years off. I placed 4th in the Canadian national qualifiers after winning regional than provincial championship in 2002-2003 (was 12yrs old or so). Thank you for thinking about us and our rookie mistakes. Its coming back though, went from a solid flat 600s to 1100s in a few days.

  15. 55:27 "If the king was closer, we wouldn't be able to promote to Queen". Also important note, had you wasted that check too early forcing the King to a7, that also wouldn't have been possible. Moral of the story – don't just pointlessly give checks and force the king into a safer position. Let it hang on a vulnerable square. Save those checks for a tactic, like this Queen promotion. Often times discovered or double attacks, and skewers involve giving a check.

  16. Watched this video and proceeded to steamroll 5 people in a row, great video for 400 players

  17. Actually for the first game you couldve sac the bishup and still mate

  18. These lessons are brilliant. Watched no 2 lesson and immediately had best win against 1000 plus opponent

  19. At 40:19 why would they take with the bishop? Isn't taking with the queen mate or am I missing something?

  20. great, with the exception of drinking water from a plastic bottle

  21. Dude….. make those mistakes and I play from 900 to 1100 and my numbers fluctuate between those two, even drops to 800s, nice vid.
    I am requesting a series based on the English, I started dabbling in chess and I ran into this unique opening, I kinda developed my own moves, but seems like there are extraordinary moves I saw and i used them

  22. Respectfully he's calling out things that I would've done and I don't even play on that app😂😂

  23. if this is a 200 game then 850 (where i play) is much closer to 200 than it is to 1000. This game felt fairly sound. yoga dad saw stuff i wounldn't have seen 2 months ago at 650.

  24. I have strong respect for Levy and his teaching integrity. On the time stamp 6:12 there was a tactic to take the knight on f6 but because that's a difficult thing to see for beginners he decides to go for a more beginner friendly move. By far the best chess teacher on YT.

  25. great game. I watch your videos every day. I don't know how you do it but they are STILL fun to watch

  26. This is the first video I saw on your channel and it's treally helpful, I learned a lot, thank you.

  27. a 2k is vz a 200 and also it says im 500 but i lost all my rounds how i did play only 3 rounds but cant do more i forgot my password

  28. the thing for telling me if my move was good in the reveiw is not working and it doesnt say the best move why is this?

  29. I like how you give out a lot of wisdom quickly. That's a good thing. Thank you

  30. I'm still only playing the computer
    struggling with intermediate
    Albeit I haven't played since Jr high

  31. Super amazing series. Sometimes it’s so hard to see the big picture when learning about all the openings, middle game, etc. thank you!

  32. Super amazing series. Sometimes it’s so hard to see the big picture when learning about all the openings, middle game, etc. This really gives lots of practical examples. Thank you!

  33. maybe hikaru is better then levy, but i bet that if you gave hikaru and levy each 20 minutes to teach a complete newcomer to chess levy's pupil would have a significant advantage.

  34. i think you should put your "how to play chess" video in the playlist as chess steps #0

  35. You can tell Gotham is easily on 100mg of Ritalin

  36. I love this content so much. Levy has taught me a lot!

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