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Welcome to the Chess Steps Series, where I teach you various concepts on your road to being a superstar chess genius. This is Episode 1.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Game 1 vs 205
14:21 Game 2 vs 411
26:06 Game 3 vs 548
41:57 Game 4 vs 540

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  1. he chats, he plans, he entertains the audience and when I play I wet my pants

  2. This was an epic episode. Learned so much and the style of teaching is so easy to learn from.

  3. I’ve been playing chess my whole life but I’m still ass

  4. Levy is the only chess streamer that doesn't put me to sleep when doing tutorials.

  5. When I play chess I got a lot of girl friends and also got bulked up and got a college degree and how did I got here? Well because of him GOTHAM!!

  6. im having a severe anxiety attack cuz i just witnessed someone 200 elo play 2000000x better than me

  7. I've checked out quite a few chess instructors. Levy is the best and I'm now hook on chess. Hardly played before last week and now I'm just binge watching his videos and playing online every spare minute. Great content and great delivery. Thanks a million.

  8. so i played chess for the first time yesterday, and now I'm 300lvl or 300elo as you guys call it

  9. Chess is very good for your awareness intelligence and decisive skills thats why i want to be good at chess

  10. ”knights before bishops” trustme you DONT wanna bebin front of the bishop

  11. At Levy's ability (and playing opponents under 1000), you can intentionally make bad moves with full confidence that you can recover from it. Keeps things interesting! A great way to teach this level, rather than always making good moves. It shows the danger you can get yourself into!

  12. Effective!! My children love me again😂😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉

  13. Thanks for the great series😊

  14. the best chess lesson i've ever had!!! well done sir!

  15. I hate this guy man hes so damn smart but hes so good at acting dumb

  16. More content like this please! @gothamchess

  17. 11:49 am i the only one who saw the move knight d6? Because it threatens to win a queen and rook

  18. I bet a 1400 bot after watching this video. My elo is 500

  19. 14:52 i dont understand why its better to put the pawn there than the knight there?

  20. Inncredible video, I'm a beginner and I learned a lot from your video !

  21. hello, first time watching a chess video, I am 255 atm, what do you do when you feel overwhelmed by the numbers of things that are happening at the same time, like I get tunnel vission sometimes and sometimes I can see a lot more

  22. Dude it is absolutely insane how much I've improved just from attacking center early with pawns and moving c and f pawns before the knights. Thank you so much for the tips

  23. No way that guy was actually 200, I was 200 for about 3 weeks and could barely figure out the way the pieces moved

  24. that 200 elo guy plays better than my 1000-ish ass

  25. I was stuck at 600 and Just watching by ur content I was able to gained 200 extra ELO and that fells nice 🙂

  26. Just found your videos. Thank you for thinking outloud and slow enough for the average beginner to try and digest.

  27. Wow. Hearing your thoughts is such a great way to learn… Ty sir

  28. Thats an reaaally interesting and wholesome Video, thank you! 💕

  29. LOVE the second game. i felt like i learn alot of things by just watching it.

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