Nihal Sarin is a Trickster 🔥🔥🔥 #shorts

Nihal Sarin converts this beautiful game with his immaculate rook endgame! 🔥

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Massive advantage positionally (extra pawn that is also a passed pawn) and managed to win? OMG how surprising. In this position nearly every 2000s would beat a GM.

  2. If you didn't show me these guys were at a tournament i would think they're 1100 max

  3. where is the trick is was an easy endgame?

  4. He could have take rook whit the pawn and make it a queen

  5. I don't understand?Did he run out of time or something?It ended on blacks turn, black has plenty of moves he can make ?I'm new to chess someone please explain how this ended

  6. me waiting for the epic rook sack that makes the game a draw: ??

  7. I am troubling to make plans in chess middle game and i end up with a random move. Can you please make a video on this issue?

  8. Converting a pawn up rook endgame is tricky now?

  9. Lol what is tricky. He had a winning position

  10. You make the blunder color blue, why? Make it red man

  11. Stupid title. This is a standard rook and pawn endgame.

  12. Why didn't black give Rook b5 check forking White's king and pawn

  13. Nobody won this is just a stelmate don’t understand these comments

  14. I was honestly waiting for a really brilliant move and was left with disappointment

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