One of the Most Famous Chess Endgame Puzzles Ever

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It has been brought to my attention, about 5 months after the upload of this video, that the original links I had referred to in the video have been broken (are no longer working).

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This is one of the most famous chess endgame puzzles (studies) ever. This video demonstrates the solution to this highly aesthetic puzzle. Plaskett’s Puzzle


  1. 6:10 Couldn't the pawn promote to queen and then move to g5? This forces the white king to move, then queen g3 taking a pawn and potentially checking the white king again. Now white only has a bishop and he can't checkmate.

  2. I like how you say at 1:52 that black king has only 2 options where white(g6 & g7) bishop is on d1 and in 2:12 suddenly the bishop is on c2 during the second option where as it should actually have been d1. All here got fooled saying how engines got fooled and almost none noticed how the bishop is suddenly on c2 square. If you put he 2:12 position Stockfish immediately notices the check mate! Any way God job fooling people!

  3. If there any links to read the story of the puzzle? the older links is no longer exist as stated in the description…

  4. Thats crazy how such a complex looking position could be 100% detetministic. I wonder how often such positions turn up in games but we never see them.

  5. i was able to solve it till the knight sacrifice, then i gave up lol

  6. Intuition tells me Knight check first. Everything else ill figure out afterwards 🙂

  7. This is not Plaskett's puzzle.

    Is the van Breukelen's puzzle.

  8. Everything about this video is very good, except the colors. Black's pieces are shaded with white, and white's pieces are shaded with black. Would be better if there was more of a contrast.


  9. Jerry could’ve drawn this endgame as black

  10. Amazing! 4 minors down and 3 pawns down but still a win! (To be honest so many pieces on the board makes it feel like a late mid game

  11. very cool, i knew that promotion at the very start would have been to easy XD

  12. I'm guessing white is stockfish and black is deepblue….

  13. i got this in my recommended 7 years after it was made, and i understand nothing about whats going on.

  14. Never seen such a strong bishop. The knight and queen sacrifice made it immortal.

  15. Who would win?
    4 knights + bishop + king
    1 Pawn, barely advanced + bishop who has to do a lot of moves because he’ll be eaten if not + king, who is easily checkeable

  16. I might be missing something but why not advance whites pawn to give checkmate

  17. "Why is this in my recommended?"
    Episode 37496549635385

  18. only because of the black king position all 4 knights and the possible 2 black queens were ruled out.
    only because of the white king position, a single bishop lives high.

  19. Yes, I believe this is Bronstein's famous puzzle !

  20. i just mated stockfish 8. i wonder how deep it has to evaluate to find the solution.

  21. Mikhail Tal solved this puzzle by Gijs van Breukelen before Anatoly Karpov and Gary Kasparov

  22. I thought the best move is white resigns! 🤪

  23. The real trick is figuring out which are the White pieces and which are the Black pieces…

  24. I'm still confused as to how our computers can't figure this out. They can look dozens of moves ahead, but they can't be like: Oh Yeah, this works!

  25. That was a macker of a situation, looks like black is winning to me!! but I think it gives me hope if I am down on pieces!!Cheers

  26. Валентин Кърджалиев says:

    Isn't pawn to g4 checkmate?

  27. It took a very long time of sitting and waiting for stockfish to figure out that white is winning

  28. What a beautiful puzzle. How do people discover these?

  29. This is the area of the game I struggle with, keeping a cool head.

  30. There's something I don't get.. why can't we promote white pawn to a queen at the very start? I don't see the fork, the queen should be able to escape on the next move, right? Please someone I'm lost 😅

  31. Jerry you have been the shit!!!!! for so long now. It fills me with great nostalgia to rewatch some of your old vids. Thanks for being there, my friend.

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