One of the Most Famous Chess Endgame Puzzles Ever

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It has been brought to my attention, about 5 months after the upload of this video, that the original links I had referred to in the video have been broken (are no longer working).

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This is one of the most famous chess endgame puzzles (studies) ever. This video demonstrates the solution to this highly aesthetic puzzle. Plaskett’s Puzzle


  1. At 5:10 (and right after …e2) – wouldn't it be a quicker win for white to play Ba4, threatening Be8+ and check mate after …Nf7 and Bxf7++ ?

  2. LOL dude computer will ALWAYS be right…computers cannot fail in any position, if anything the solution of this problem found by humans is not as accurate as it could have been, simply coz human mind cannot calculate variations like a computer

  3. And they say I stand around and do nothing

  4. how about when the king is frozen you move the bloody pawn towards the kings???? not that hard… seriously 🙂

  5. computers calculate for points, your computer probably isnt a chess supercomputer

  6. Well who told you that computers calculate for points?? they have an in built formula which allows them to calculate for positional strength… infact all of their moves are calculated based on positional strength…. plus it aint the "computer" that matters, its the chess software that matters, go find the latest houdini and it will show you why the move played wasnt right. Gone are the times when computers were not as good, nowadays computers will always find better moves than humans.

  7. The King would just get around the pawn and you would never claim him on a dark square with your white-squared bishop.

  8. @KARTIKEYA007 that's right computers are more better than humans… 🙂

  9. i think i should shut my gob up right now… :(@flikzfactory

  10. i should, i was wrong and only said to move the pawn because that is what came to my mind in the first place but i agree, great video!@Mark V

  11. It's an extremely complex puzzle! I analysed it to depth 20. The computer doesn't see a win for white at all. What's more it regards Nf6+ as a blunder. After knight sacrifice on h5 it anticipates a crushing win for black but after deeper thought it gives the win for white haha. What a punishment for the engine! 😀

    The line is
    1. Nf6+ Kg7 2. Nh5+ Kg6 3. Bc2+ Kxh5 4. d8=Q Kg4 5. Qe8 and white wins

  12. Thanks Jerry, very interesting. BTW, the links are not working.

  13. Black King: Come and get me you Freak!
    Bishop: Say your prayer!
    Black King: Knights kill that bishop! Don't let him get away! HAHA
    Bishop: (whispered) We will see!
    Knights: Boss, He get away!
    Black King: you fool! sacrifice yourselves!
    Knight: Ok Boss!
    Bishop! (chomp!)(chomp!) CHECKMATE!

  14. I got a diferent inerior but i think still winning with nf6+ kg6 or kg7 Bh5 protecting the f7 square with the bishop, ???

  15. Very Nice but this exact end game would be probably as rare as 1:1000000. Cool food for thought though.

  16. fix internet explorer you know it worls let it worls brohrammar/. and im not being asked about my sign in nmamme.

  17. but if black promotes to a 6th knight then…. then black shall win!

  18. Houdini showed -2.6 for white for about a minute and a half with 1. d8=Q Nf2+…. After which it found the right solution and showed a +2.2, winning for white but clearly not forced mate. I knew the puzzle, just never checked what comp would say, cool.

  19. Hi. I use the same Houdini with Arena GUI and really have not done anything in particular, I'm not a big expert in how these things work but usually theres something called "depth" and you should max that out to get the best performance out of it (or something like that) Also I heard the "clear hash" option is good every now and then…

  20. Another convincing example that humans are still better than computers no matter what the odds are! :3

  21. I imagine an assassin just running straight into the throne room of a king, fighting off four knights, and killing the king.

  22. All Hail Gull 2.3!! . the latest and greatest engine gull 2.3 is the last nail in the coffin for mankind. it solves this puzzle in 34 seconds on my crappy duel core. I hope Gull wins the tcec championship happening right now. its the only engine that can solve this puzzle all others fail.
    komodo 6 fails Houdini fails stockfish fails .

  23. Gull 2.3 . there is no other engine that can solve this except Gull 2.3

  24. There is a pawn threatening the White king the whole time xD all that stuff is illegal

  25. where's the link to the famous stories behind the puzzle? in the description there's only a link to the store.

  26. I'm going to analyze this position with my computer for hours and we will see what will happen.

  27. In technical terms, we call this "a final stand", where a side with very small force faces a very big, monstrous force.

  28. Incredibly interesting puzzle. Forced promotions ending in 4 black knights on the board!

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