“One Of The Most Remarkable Endgames Ever Played”

“It’s One Of The Most Remarkable Endgames Ever Played” said Peter Svidler about this remarkable chess game between Vishy Anand and Magnus Carlsen, played in the Global Chess League 2023. True GOAT endgame technique from Magnus Carlsen against the chess legend that is Vishy Anand.

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  1. Vishy is my favorite player , but games like this doesn't bother me he lost

  2. Disappointing Vishy played a great game maybe should’ve taken with that knight earlier to get the passed pawn running I know he had to deal with Magnus’s pawns on a b c files though Magnus came through like the pro he is Thanks for the game James enjoy the day

  3. rubbish chess bishop never backs off on knight. even at 16:58 pawn a5 to a6 pressure on the knight..this is why chess at this level is fake it no hard hitters.. people want a nice dumb game no wonder carlson left the mainstream chess..the battlefield is brutal it not pretty chess is no different to winning.. it not some nice cozy game piece for piece all rubbish how chess is presented. it's a war. get battle prepped take no prisoners 1 weakness is game over

  4. I was watching this today and when I seen the commentors assume Magnus would promote to Queen and MC went knight for instant check, pure brilliance from MC.

  5. Are you gonna make a video on the lawsuit wrapping up?

  6. Amazing coverage of this game. I need these stalemates explained to me… Why would queen + Bishop be a stalemate?

  7. I have never been more excited for an Epic Chess video!

  8. OMG @ GO CHESS!!! 😍 😍 😍 wooooow that’s so killer

  9. and BANG, e4… and BANG e6… and BANG d4… and BANG d5… very BANG…

  10. Vishy's Qd4 instead of Qb6 is certainly understandable since we're all taught to centralize pieces all things being equal.

  11. Fantastic game thx for a really nice cover

  12. O yes, it should've been Qb6 and the chance for Vishy was still there. Nice

  13. am i seeing things or is there something on your forehead? lol

  14. That was a Champion knight being brought forth on the queening square.

  15. Incredible! Magnus is brilliant, but remember Vishy is 53 and can still find such insane resources on the board with only a couple of seconds on the clock.Thanks to you James for the lovely cover as always.

  16. Loved your analysis. Your channel is one of my favourites to watch

  17. I saw this critiqued by someone who wanted to shade Magnus, criticizing almost every move then Magnus having one stroke of brilliance. I intensely dislike commentators that fail to be neutral. This critique was much better done.
    One rule I've taken note of with MC's play, when he starts trading off pieces in the mid game like he did here, even giving up control of the center. he wants to get to the end game where he is the most dangerous and can think father ahead than nearly all opponents. Additionally, he's played so many blitz and bullet games the clock doesn't pressure him.

  18. Magnus humor is on par with his chess skill, he said the reason he didn’t promote to queen because he can’t find queen piece, so he just grab the nearest piece and that was the knight 😂

  19. Reminds me of Douglas bellizzi (age 22) vs. Joel Benjamin (age 6) (1969) at McAlpin Hotel NYC. Knight promotion.

  20. That chess board looks really cool. I may order one.

  21. Peter Svidler is my hero, and when he says it's one of the most remarkable end games ever, then it is by all standards.

  22. I gave a little involuntary giggle at the (technically accurate) description of Magnus as a "former world champion"

  23. The world famous mysterious rook moves and an under promotion in the same game, awesome! Thanks for the commentary boss, you are still the best 👌

  24. Magnus is a genius. He is simply like Mozart of chess game. He makes people love chess..

  25. this is not one of the most remarkable endings ever played—its not in the top 10k

  26. Now you know why Magnus Carlson is a world champion and I'm not.

  27. Wow 🙂 Thank them and you so much 🙂

  28. after watching that. i feel like i am already a world champ. underpromotion is my weapon of choice.

  29. Its not everyday you see underpromotion in a grandmaster endgame.

  30. I now realize what it is to be a top grandmaster.Breathtaking.

  31. Some great comments. I think this commentator needs more facial and vocal expression. More intonation and faci expressions. Levi from Gotham is more enjoyable for me.

  32. I pay you tube for add free viewing. That you chose to undermine that and do so in the middle of the game is crass. 2/10.

  33. this video without commentary would haver been great.

  34. I think after Magnus Ph6, anand should have Bd3

  35. It's beyond most of us… and that's those of us that play chess.

  36. Fantastic game with an equally fantasic commentator. What a joy to watch. 😊 Thank you

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