1. What What is the name of the site he is playing on؟

  2. I hate those who do ladder mates when they already have a queen, tf

  3. I was having a pan!c att@ck thinking stalemate

  4. Bro hit us with the autistic dance 💀

  5. When you have mate in one look for a ladder checkmate

  6. What happens when you pushed c6 if he moves his pawn down? I feel like game should be drawn if anything

  7. Just seeing that pawn checkmate go to waste makes me wanna cry 😢

  8. Every endgame : 😒
    Opposite color bishops endgame : 🤨
    Queen vs 2 rooks endgame : 🙂
    PAWN ENDGAME : 😈😈😈

  9. I need a loop of that dance in the end 🗿💀

  10. Through experience I'm saying
    Ladder mate is best with rook + queen
    There is higher possibility to stalemate

  11. Balck could have made queen, or i am wrong here. New to chess.😅

  12. U are gonna go to jail for not en passantin

  13. I am utterly disgusted, disappointed, and dissatisfied when he didn’t en passant

  14. Why do they even keep playing? My man is 2200 and he thinks the other guy can't checkmate him with 2 queens in 20 seconds?

  15. 4 blunders , 3 mistakes. Seems i am still the world champion in the other direction

  16. why didn't you checkmate earlyer with the King and the two pawns?

  17. Dude went dancin' after winning a game with 4 blunders💀💀💀

  18. After Queen e5 there is a faster way to checkmate?

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