Pawn endgames are so tricky! | Radjabov vs Fedoseev| Tata Steel Chess 2019

It’s 1 a.m. in the night, but IM Sagar Shah is awake and spotted a beautiful endgame that he would like to share with you. Teimour Radjabov rated 2755 is one of the finest players in the world of chess. But even a player of his calibre can go wrong in a pawn endgame. But it required some special bit of calculation from Fedoseev. Have a look at video and see if you too can calculate as well as the Russian talent could.

Video: Sagar Shah

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  1. Here after David lladas tweet and Sagar shah is a Gem 💎

  2. Beautiful game buddy. I thought of watching in the night but few distractions. Also your voice is great and hope your neighbours sleep in all your videos.

  3. I calculated all the move except king d6 what a mind blowing game

  4. Who is here after David Llada's tweet❤❤

  5. Here from David Llada's tweet! Anyone else? 😉

  6. I didn't think much, Kf6 came to my mind instantly

  7. Back then sagar sir was like eric rosen😅.
    So calm voice

  8. As I can remember this is recorded in amruta's home

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