Pawn Endgames Lesson 3: How to Master 💯 Distant Opposition in Chess

Do you already know Distant Opposition, what is it, or what is it good for? In this video we are gonna answer those questions. Here we have 4 positions where we are gonna learn how to use Distant Opposition in Chess Endgames.

Definition: In pawn endgames, a side takes distant opposition when moves the king to a place where there is an odd number of squares between both kings.

You can find this on the board in my blog here:

To see King and Pawn versus King basic endgame, this is a video in my own channel .


  1. Good video for the beginners to understand what is exactly distant opposition

  2. I hate it when teachers talk about opposition without stating the goal to be achieved. Key squares need to be identified first, and then it needs to be shows how a distant opposition achieves the goal of taking a key square or preventing the other to occupy it. For example at 2:55 the white king needs to take the distance opposition but what is white preventing black to do? (Other than taking the opposition of course). Where is black not allowed to go?

    You see my point?
    In a single pawn endgame that is explained but with multiple pawns I haven't seen a single video where key squares or a goal has been defined. All of them immediately treat the opposition almost as if it were the main goal itself.

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