Pawn Races | Principles of Chess Endgames | GM Naroditsky

In this video, we explore the second fundamental concept that undergirds pawn endgames: pawn races! As we find out, pawn races aren’t just about blindly pushing a pawn toward promotion. Winning pawn races involves a great deal of skill, and we outline five crucial rules that will help you make the most of all pawn race situations. Having mastered these rules, you can be sure that you will pull out pawn race victories even in objectively lost positions!

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  1. Looking at the views, this new series is doing really well! Btw, shouldn't Daniel also promote his book Mastering Complex Endgames: Practical Lessons on Critical Ideas & Plans?

  2. I love these videos! I'm hoping to catch them in order like you mentioned but it would be helpful if you were able to number them in the title or the description somewhere in case someone gets behind but wants to study in a linear fashion! Thanks so much!

  3. The fact that this series is free is already amazing but is besides the point. Regardless of that, this series is shaping up to be the best video endgame content anywhere. Kudos Danya!

  4. I’ve been watching youtube for god knows how long but this is the first time in my life that I liked a video before actually watching it.

  5. screw it im gonna say it , I Love you Bro !

  6. God this series just continues to amaze! Done with my first watch through, going to go back and take comprehensive notes later! The concept of forcing the oponent king to a certain square with your own king was completely new idea to me! Absolutely amazing subtleties!

  7. Just with the 2 first videos I improved, I can't believe it… I was barely in 1840 blitz and I just peaked at 1885… In rapid I was 1990 (peak) and now Im like 2040… (Playing on lichess) i feel like Carlsen in the finals with this knowledge in my elo 🤣🤣🤣 Thanks Daniel !!

  8. It's nice to see Danya legitimately enthusiastic about content he's putting out again!

  9. What a great video to add to the collection of great videos. "This is not pacman" favorite line.

  10. I can see I will need to watch these videos several times each.

  11. great stuff danya, this series is to die for! keep it up… or else…

  12. This video just reinforces the fact that endgames are often far too complicated for my puny brain.

  13. Can you include something to indicate which side it is to move?
    I like to calculate before watching your thought-process. Thanks!

  14. 52 minutes on pawn races! Daniel, you’re crazy. Thank you so much. Haven’t even watched the video yet but I’m stoked

  15. I'm probably just crazy but I remember watching this video on 20th of April🤞

  16. Have to add again, this series is very followable and enjoyable even for a beginner like me, thanks!

  17. Excellent and instructive. Thanks again Danya, you're the best!

  18. Danya, I just want to say please don’t stop making these endgame videos because they have less views. They may not be as popular as opening videos or the speedrun but it does not change the fact that endgame lessons are absolutely necessary. What’s more is that other chess content creators do not tend to go into endgames and when they do, do not go into the same level as depth. You are doing the chess community all over the world a massive service!

  19. Haven’t seen the video yet, but I’m loving it. Please Daniel, idk if the numbers are backing this series but don’t stop it! This is so so precious. Thanks for everything!

  20. the last position is an absolute beauty, just 4 pawns on each side but it is so rich in depth.

  21. I appreciate these lessons. I'm 1400 Rapid on Lichess and often lose engdames that should be winning.

  22. Preemptively Push Prospective Passed Pawns


  23. I am gonna send this to every chess player in my class

  24. rule 5….I remember this game in speedrun…if I m not wrong…

  25. I love this serie of endgame. Soooo educative. Thank u so much Danya ! 💓 Also super interesting and entertaining.

  26. I already won 1 game using the "deep freeze" technic. Thank you very much!

  27. I always click into these thinking I'm gonna know all these intermediate concepts, then danya goes ahead and teaches me something I use in majority of games now. Most notably, the deep freeze thing from last video

  28. Do you have any trick to transform a losing game to a stalemate? Maybe that is kinda obvious but also it might be a good video idea?

  29. in the example at 15 minutes i would have gone d4 or d5 thinking i could win the f5 pawn by zug zwang but it's actually loosing to the only move Kg3, if black plays Kg4 he loses. I missed Kg3 and now i'm loosing lol

  30. Timestamps (My guesstimate of player ELO below)

    0:00 Introduction
    1:10 What is a pawn race (Beginner <1000 ELO)
    2:29 Formally defining a pawn race (Beginner <1000 ELO)
    3:40 Example 1 – Simple pawn race (Beginner <1000 ELO)
    4:44 A wrinkle in the simple example (Beginner <1000 ELO)
    5:23 Example 1 – Answer
    5:37 Example 2 – What considerations are important in a pawn race (Beginner <1000 ELO)
    8:22 Rule 1 – Do not capture unnecessary pawns (Intermediate <1500 ELO)
    15:01 Rule 2 – Do not step into the checking zone of the opponent's passed pawn (Intermediate <1500 ELO)
    17:35 Example 3 – Complicated Example (Advanced <2000 ELO)
    24:52 Rule 3 – Simultaneous promotions are not always draws (Intermediate <1500 ELO)
    27:03 Example 4 – Complicated Example (Advanced <2000 ELO)
    29:18 Rule 4 – Use your king (Advanced <2000 ELO)
    34:08 Example 5 – Complicated Example (Advanced <2000 ELO)
    41:28 Rule 5 – Push the Prospective Passer (Advanced <2000 ELO)
    49:25 Recap

  31. Its crazy how useful this is. Im 1700 and Id think these simple concepts wouldn't make much difference, but I've already used them in almost every game Ive played since the series started. Very helpful thanks.

  32. Was around 900 elo before I started watching you now I am 1100 thank to you it took only couple of weeks

  33. In situations like the beginning of the video, when white moves don't impact black moves, I tend to calculate separately. I count the number of moves white needs to Queen and then the number of moves black needs.

    Is this ok or does that prevent working on visualization and more complex calculations ?

  34. Please keep making these. I understand they take more effort and may get less views but they're exactly the kind of content that makes me feel like supporting you directly

  35. Question to experienced chess players: Is there a trick to these calculations (something equivalent to the box for example)? Or do you actually calculate "I go here, he goes there, I go here…"?

  36. Because of Daniel I started to learn chess a lot more easier … Thank you so much… I love this series <3

  37. I'm sure there are plenty positions and exemples you decided to not include in your videos. Would you be so kind as to upload them in PGN as exercices ?

  38. Fantastic video, Danya, thank you so much! This series is awesome!

  39. The most amazing part of this series is Danya recording something in the daylight. I'm too used to the degen hours of the speedrun.

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  41. These topics are not covered on YouTube even in most endgame courses
    Keep making these videos sir
    BEST CHESS CHANNEL out there

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