Pawn Sacrifice Trick

Pawn Sacrifice Trick

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Enjoy The Video!


  1. I love how he says pwooshh awarr pownn agayn

  2. Can you please leave time at the end to pause

  3. Black really didn't saw that stalemate moment he is really blind

  4. He threathened a win for a forced stalemate, what a fkn genious

  5. Chess vibes also had this puzzle in the latest episode

  6. Yes, actually. King to I8 which is heaven meaning he's dead

  7. Dude you can promote to a queen without getting taked

  8. I saw this position in another YouTube channel it said it was a famous position

  9. Couldn't you just move your king to D5 and capture the pawn to speed things up? Or am I missing something

  10. but coulda got a queen wasted that turn to stain mate

  11. Can’t the white king just take the pawn getting out of check and control the square were the bishop will go? To me it looks like a clear win for white

  12. why not take the d5 pawn and then you are protecting both your pawns

  13. bro white can literally win why not just take that pawn

  14. Wasn’t this a puzzle from chess vibes? Did you take inspiration?

  15. Your insane trick is stolen by chess vibes

  16. But why the hell would you move ur king when bishop wants to control that square, you simply move the pawn there, bishop attacks and you make a queen on the next move and you can possibly checkmate your opponent

  17. after black has freed the square for bishop, just push the pawn black can do nothing

  18. Wasn’t this position in a chess vibes video tho?

  19. This was in a chess vibes video. The guardians puzzle.

  20. How is it stalemate? The bishop can just move

    Edit: I’m new to chess

  21. Brilliant lesson to teach. It's also important to know how to draw your games

  22. Amazing study, this actually teaches people to look for drawing chances down a bishop!

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