Pawn Sacrifice Trick

Pawn Sacrifice Trick

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  1. If you can't win don't lose
    magnus carlsen

  2. Me, who doesn’t play chess watching this: Hm yes an excellent move my friend

  3. Rare footage when pawn is stronger than queen

  4. Wait can't the white pawn go to c7 when it's their turn? Because the Bishop is controlling the black square only and then when Bishop goes to the spot we can just push right?

  5. Instead of forcing a draw you could have just pushed the pawn for a queen… and actually won the game

  6. I think I saw this on Chess vibes channel too



  8. And thats why magnus is a pro of endga- wait, it wasn't a game played by carlsen? Oh…

  9. I don't understand chess at all and have No idea why I'm watching this

  10. "peace down" 💀
    Русскоязычные поймут

  11. Couldn't he push the pawn up instead of moving the queen

  12. when the bishop tries to guard c7 cant u push and when they attack your queen?

  13. Before bishop d6, you should push pawn c7 so if the bishop goes to d6 you push and create a queen

  14. Bro can queen with the pawn he should not move his king

  15. Me seeing a en peasant
    I'm only human after all

  16. Why didnt you just push the pawn to c7? The bishop would have been late to Control It

  17. The only question is why would you rather force stalemate by moving your king instead of just pushing the pawn that can not be taken?

  18. What if whe he free the space for Bishop
    Get the Pawn up and when Bishop comes get it up again and its a Queen

  19. "the gm doesn't get it" jit thinks the gm is stupid

  20. Cinnamon Toast Crunch guy has seen some things says:

    Why move you r king to f5 when you can promote to a queen??

  21. No because it’s a draw (stalemate)

  22. No bigger move. Forced stalemate…🤣🤣🤣

  23. My dumbass wondering you you can't check the King here

  24. I don’t get this. White has a piece down, sacrificed a bunch of pawns, and then what move can white do at the end?

  25. I’m gonna be honest how the pawn, not move with the bishop goes to their then he can make a queen like that. What I don’t get it.😅

  26. U can just make a queen 👑 instead of moving the king

  27. Why didn’t you just push and get the queen? The bishop couldn’t take the pawn in tkme

  28. Aegislash Can Turn 99.99% Of Fusions Into Masterpieces (Dont Talk About The 00.01%)

  29. The toughest thing for me to accept an almost winning position like this. I get tunnel vision and keep thinking win when I should think “don’t lose.” Thanks for opening my eyes!

  30. SINGHA ROY OFFICIAL • 179K views • 10 hours ago says:


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