Play BETTER Chess Endgames!

To play better chess endgames you need to understand chess strategy and important chess principles. This chess video will help you win at chess by giving you chess master level chess ideas and chess lessons, that will help you learn chess, and how to play chess properly, whether you want to know how to play chess for beginners or how to play chess for kids, this chess coaching will give you all the chess tips you need. So don’t just play for chess tricks when you play chess online, and don’t just study chess openings, learn how to win chess the right way – just like chess world champion, Magnus Carlsen and the one and only, number one chess streamer, Hikaru!

0:00 Intro
0:41 Principle#1 – Move your rooks on to open files!
00:51 Principle#2 – Get your rooks to the seventh rank!
01:43 Principle#3 – Activate your King!
02:27 Principle#4 – Knights are best in closed positions!
03:22 Principle#5 – Bishops love open positions!
03:48 Principle#6 – Bishops are best when there are pawn on both sides of the board!
04:16 Principle#7 – Knights are best when there are pawns on the same side of the board!
05:00 Principle#8 – Passed pawns need to be pushed!
05:46 Principle#9 – Put your rooks behind passed pawns!
06:44 Principle#10 – Create passed pawns!
07:11 Principle#11 – Knights are the best blockaders of passed pawns!
08:03 Principle#12 – Use your King as a blockader in lone King and pawn endgames!
08:26 Principle#13 – Exchange pieces if you are ahead on pawns!
08:52 Principle#14 – Trade pawns when you have less material!
09:30 Principle#15 – Opposite colour Bishop endgames are drawish!
10:13 Bonus Tip – Don’t rush!
11:03 Outro

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My name’s James Gardner and I’ve been playing and coaching chess in the UK for over 25 years. Through this channel I hope to reach many more people in order to help you improve your chess fast, so that you can win more games, improve your rating, and start having more fun at the board!

I will cover a range of topics on this channel, including:

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…and much much more!! All of this free online chess tuition will help you get good at chess much faster, in order to start winning more games, beat your friends, and grow your chess level towards chess mastery.

Thanks for watching and hope to see you on a future video!

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