Play Chess Endgames Like Magnus Carlsen


0:00 Intro
1:26 Queen Endgames
9:32 Rook Endgames
22:20 Knights and Bishops

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  1. Magnus has a strong presence of mind in endgames. He is the Goat of all time in endgames.

  2. How come I’m subscribed and you haven’t analyzed any of my games??

  3. Good video Levy, but I hope you're done promoting crypto for good. If you were educated in it, I think you never would. Please google Paul Krugman (a Nobel prize winning economist) and crypto for a good explanation of why it's so bad.

  4. I won some games by using these tactics….🎉🎉🎉

  5. "Random nincompoop" gotham wtf 💀

  6. they are my subscribers thats what my subscribers do

  7. I LOVE YOU🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  8. Is a do nothing move the same thing as a passive move?

  9. Zeenain Ali Khowaja Zeeshan Ali- 311879 says:

    Zunair is saying you are bot play game with him him if you win so he will gave you 1000000000000 RS

  10. Levi can you do endgames that are theoretical because you are the best teacher

  11. The endgame is the phase of the game when you are supposed to activate your king.

  12. I have a problem with the title too. I thought you were going to play magnus games. This sort of stuff effects people.

  13. For practical purposes, I mark the beginning of an endgame as when both sides have exactly 4 of their major pieces. If one of the 4 major pieces is a queen on both sides, then I call it a half-endgame. If however, the situation is 3 v 3(in terms of major pieces), where one of the major pieces is a queen, then its a full endgame.

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