Power of King in the Endgame | Chess Strategy

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You would have heard this famous chess quote from the first undisputed World Chess Champion Wilhelm Steinitz “The King is a fighting piece. Use it!”, which is often used to emphasis the strategy of using the king as an active piece in the endgame stage.

In this video lesson, RCA guest coach IM Asaf Givon teaches this powerful chess strategy by showing a few example games – one of the games played by himself, and one from the current World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen against Pavel Eljanov.

In all these examples, Asaf will explain the advantage of bringing the king out in the endgame stage; closer to the center of the board. Even if the difference in ‘closeness to the center’ is very small between the kings of the two sides, it made a huge difference.

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  1. Im big fan of yours sir! Great one like always!

  2. I need course on theoretical Endgames by Igor Smirnov

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