Praggnanandhaa’s depth of endgame knowledge | Rook + pawn vs Bishop

At the Microsense Kramnik Gelfand Training camp, the youngsters play blitz games for fun. However, there is also quite a bit of learning in that fun. Whenever an instructive position is reached, the players analyze it after the game and draw their conclusions from the same. Pragg was playing a blitz game against Gukesh. They reached an endgame that looked pretty simple. Pragg had a rook and a pawn, while Gukesh had only a bishop. Seems like a straightforward win, right? Only that it wasn’t.

After the game ended Pragg analyzed the position in depth and found that it was winning for him in all lines. He now shares this knowledge with chess players all across the world. Learn from the little master!

Video: Sagar Shah

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  1. You will see Pragg next in action at the Gibraltar Masters 2020 from 20th of January.

  2. can someone tell me why he didn't play the world championship tournament?

  3. Praguu is my favourite Indian prodigy…he's so special

  4. Who knows which chess piece set is this? Very beautiful.

  5. If the King was in the right corner, took pawn with pawn in 5th rank is a draw. For eg:, Black King h8,Bh7 and white pawn h5 with a king and rook is a draw with perfect play. If the pawn was on the 4th rank, white is winning

  6. Can't wait to see Praggu at the Gibraltar masters. Kudos to the young man

  7. Intelligent ❤️young boy👏👏i am proud of him😇got a fan from Botswana

  8. I know that all by heart, but at that age… you are a genius boy…

  9. Want to see a match btw praggu and vidit!

  10. It is enough to cover these kids receive training, but don't have to publish the lines and tactics to the whole world.

  11. Pragg is such a beast over the board it is difficult to remember he is just a kid. This video really showed his talent as well as his humanity.

  12. Hello Pragg. Show me the rupees.. 😁 🤘

  13. Pragg is so much better than you have you considered just shutting up and watching?

  14. Wow! After seeing this I'll be keeping close attention to praggu's games. Please do more videos with him explaining chess, he's very good at explaining. The interviewer is also really good at asking the right questions and is audibly very interested wich helps a lot.

  15. These are all fake, they train alot… We from home cannot play like them.. Stop misleading us Shah


  17. Wn bishop went to a2 ( behind the king) pragu plyd Rd3! But there is easy way to win Ra3!.. Easy to understand..

  18. His knowledge surely paid off today. <3

    Context: Praggnanandha reached the same position against Sindarov today(08.08.2022) in a crucial game in the World Chess Olympiad 2022 and he successfully converted it.

  19. Same ending position happened yesterday in Olympiad for Pragg on 8th August 2022 and he clinched the victory. Great going Pragg.

  20. Training paid off in Olympiad 2022! Great job!

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