Principles of Chess Endgames | King Activity

In this video, the start of a series of instructional videos on the most important topics within positional chess and endgames, I take a deep dive into the importance of king activity. We look at five examples where the king played an irreplaceable role in converting an endgame advantage or salvaging an ostensibly hopeless position.

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  1. we want more videos in this playlist. thanks for the effort danya !!

  2. Hope you get round to completing the series Danya

  3. This was so helpful. I was in a really bad position today and I didn't know what to do next , then I remembered about watching this video a while back. Mated the other guy with a bishop supported by the king . Won due to the king movement.

  4. This is a great educational video. I watched it now for the second time. I hope that we are getting the next one soon!

  5. Hi Daniel, will you do any more videos in this series? This one was terrific!

  6. Please tell me your still doing this series? This video was so useful

  7. Best endgame video I've ever seen, can't wait for the rest of the series.

  8. commenting, cause this man needs 1 million subs

  9. Brilliant illustration ! Can't wait for more endgames

  10. Where did this series go? Would like to see this

  11. Thank you for your explorations! Can you recommend a good endgame tactics book, maybe with the content grouped by theme? 🙂

  12. We need this type of videos, Master… please

  13. The first position is a famous position that is often used in illustrating the importance of king activity.

  14. Great video. I sometimes saw carlson bring his king way up in a middle game, now I understand better why he did it. I think you have to have the other side in kind of a bind to get away with it though.

  15. The last example was so beautiful i started crying!

  16. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Wow 6 months later 2 more endgame videos niiiice lol

  17. I cannot agree that "lounging on a beach … is what the king does most of the game". I think hiding in the basement is more like it.

  18. hearing Danya casually saying troll with a straight face is pure gold

  19. This channel really is a treasure trove of chess content, no gimmicks or clickbait just excellent chess and thoughtful teaching. The patience and commitment to make this channel what it is doesn’t go unnoticed. Thanks Danya

  20. The king started the game on g2? I’m thinking it started on e1.

  21. I’ve had a finish like that first game, where I let my opponent promote right before mating them with two pawns on the seventh rank (though in my case, I didn’t have a choice but to allow the promotion — it was only winning by a tempo). It’s a great feeling.

  22. 24:00 It seems like g4 might've been less about the pawn structure, but more about the bishop being on b6 instead of a7, since the bishop is oscillating. Otherwise, Kc4 Qc7+ Kb5 Qb6+

  23. Danya, thanks to this playlist I’ve managed to turn a loosing pawn endgame into a winning one. And I have much better understanding of positions that before I used to stare at like this: 😢 Keep making the best quality chess content on YouTube!

  24. Very nice explanation and an amazing series. Thank you

  25. Re-watching the whole series to be able to face the "Test Your Pawn Endgame Knowledge" in proper shape!! Thanks again for this incredible series!!

  26. Thank you! Just saw this playlist, and am going through each one… Tour de force 😎

  27. series principles of positional play i cannot find?!?! has it started?

  28. This series earned me some prize money over the weekend

  29. Playing chess again after a year of inactivity. This time trying to study endgames first rather than drown in opening theory

  30. This is why Bongcloud is the best opening! You have already prepared to go to the endgame! What a genius opening idea.

  31. Ive finally realized why endgames are so hard to learn…

    A nerd cannot teach a dunce.

  32. Wow, this is an amazing🔥. I've been struggling with pawn endgames for a while now, and this series has really helped me to understand the key concepts. you explain things in a clear and concise way. It's so rare to find such high-quality content on Youtube.

    Keep it up !! 💯

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