Queen Endgame NOBODY Could Solve

Queen Endgame NOBODY Could Solve

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  1. Hold, up, isn't it mate in 2 (i didnt watch the short i yet, i literally paused it)

  2. ur telling me a gm missed such a simple mate in 2???

  3. Alternate checkmate king g6 and queen e8

  4. I played this position against level 10 Stockfish (Elo of ~2700) and it misses the obvious underpromotion every time and blunders mate in 2 with f8=Q.

  5. Bro how are grandmasters making rookie mistakes like that???? That was an obvious checkmate and stalemate idea

  6. I get that it's better for capturing attention but it's pretty suspicious that the "grandmasters" in these games cannot spot things just a move or two away, and when you combine that with the fact that we never get their names, well..

  7. If we push our pawn check then promote the other pawn would'nt it be checkmate?

  8. Yes I don't know how to win this endgame with horse( even tho I know)

  9. When you don't know what to do:
    Sacrifice the queen

  10. Put the darn king on the g-file and put the queen on the rang that the black king is on

  11. the gm may have blunder but they did not have this much time as u do know

  12. Ez pz first black king moves to f7 then horsey moves to d8 giving check forcing king to go back to g8 then white pawn at g5 take black pawn at h6 then black other pawn is forced to take then white king take black pawn king goes back and forth

  13. isn’t queen g5 checkmate?

  14. How did two games lead to this same endgame. That is incredible

  15. Instructions unclear, I switched on auto-promote to queen

  16. Instructions unclear
    Lost by 2 queens checkmate

  17. i don't know how to win a game with a piece up

  18. This is the third time I got dejavu with this video

  19. "And plz don't tell me you can't win with peace up"

    Than let me tell I can't

  20. Or just push the king and check with the queen.

  21. I don't know what to play😅

  22. Why aint u a GM and being better then magnus carlson

  23. Well, this is the first time I found correct moves

  24. I would think king to g5 traps the pawn and keeps your knight alive when you take it, then either take the pawn in h if it hasn't moved to promote two queens, or promote the g pawn to a queen. Either way you can checkmate checkmate

  25. I would probably understand how to win if I wasn't 100 elo.

  26. Bro when the king is h7 you can push the pawn two check and when he goes to h8 or g8 queen e8 is checkmate

  27. they should lose their gm title for playing those moves

  28. If black king f7 or h7, just put the knight on f4 and takes the pawns lead to a promotion. if king h8 just take the pawn then promote. Just be careful not to stalemate with the pawn, use knight to wait the king out or checkmate if he is stupid.

  29. Chesscape:give clue to get 1 piece up
    Me: cant find the next move

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