QUEEN Endgame TRICKS You Must Know

QUEEN Endgame TRICKS You Must Know

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Queen versus pawn endgames are typically considered to be more complex and require greater strategic thinking than pawn versus pawn endgames. In these endgames, the player with the queen often has the advantage, but the opposing player can use their pawns strategically to try and prevent the queen from advancing and ultimately force a draw.
Studying queen endgames can help you to develop a deeper understanding of the game and improve your strategic thinking skills. By learning how to effectively manoeuvre queens and pawns, you can gain a better understanding of how to control the board and win games.

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  1. So you sacrifice a queen to get another queen? 😥
    So you started with a pawn and a queen and ended up with just a queen? 😌

  2. Promote: Rookie = Queen = no sigma. Expert/Master = DA RUUK = GIGA CHAD. O yeah also skewer on king and Queen

  3. you can promote thee pawn to a knight and you fork queen and check king

  4. Should have stayed on Qb2 then promote pawn to queen which is mate

  5. Why do we promote to rook not queen bc queen can also move like a ruuk

  6. So we will promote the pawn to queen which is a check, when the king moves we can capture the queen and easily checkmate black.😅🫨👌👍🤓

  7. Do you have to use the same fuckin' handshake gif in every single one of your shorts?

  8. What happen if I promote to a knight in first move?

  9. Black turn put the queen at the corner

    Me:Why he didn't check the king? It can be checkmate

  10. Can't we just promote to a knight with the pawn if white moves first?

  11. Why not just promote to knight on the first move and fork the black king and queen?

  12. Opeast treek I ever seen in my life 😀😀

  13. If the black queen moved to e8 pawn forced to block then queen goes back b6 white queen forced to block queen takes queen mate this is so dumb

  14. First move is pawn B4
    Secon move is white queen to A6

  15. He will promote the pawn to quen and it is check when chek is done the quen will be on same side when King moves we take the quen simple man

  16. Promote to a knight and win the opponents queen immediately 👍

  17. Pawn becomes a queen which gives a check to their King, once the king moves white queen takes black queen

  18. Finds out the pawn is at the starter postion 💀

    Btw this is hypothetical

  19. Instructions unclear, he took my queen with his king

  20. should have promoted to a knight

  21. Pawn 7b to 8b check Wins the queen the rest is check mate ez

  22. U could win by promoting pawn into da hoooorse after move da queeeen


  24. DVORETSKY'S ENDGAME MANUAL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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