Queen Endgames Crash Course – Tips On How To Use Queens In The Endgame

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This video covers some basic fundamentals of Queen and pawn endings that every player should know. Queen endings are tricky and many can be tough to learn, but by starting with these basics, you will have a good platform to build off of.

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  1. I love your chess videos. You’re a gifted teacher.

  2. It was a queen skewer that happened in the end scene, isn't it?

  3. Queen&king vs king & knight. What should I do, I know it's winning, but the game ended in a draw by 50 moves. when the engine shows the moves, I understand what it's trying to do, but I don't understand how, and can't replicate it. The knight always stays close to the king and covers all the squares I'd love to go to

  4. Oh my god, this was so helpful. I don't know why I didn't put it together at first, but now I know.

  5. I was looking for queen vs queen endgames i could not find anything since most endgames are a draw but how to identify when it’s winning for example i had a game in which we had a pawn race i promoted first then he did and i was up two isolated pawns but didn’t know how to progress

  6. 8:46 Q-b2 is not a checkmate threat it's a loss if your opponent knows what he's doing.

  7. Love your chess tutorials!! ❤❤

  8. Why am i even watching this if i always makes blunders & loses my queen in the middle game? 😂😂

  9. I don't understand why the pawn wouldn't just take the queen. In the position when you keep putting the king in check and you bring the queen right where the pawn can take it

  10. I think I speak for everyone as I say thank you. You help a lot of players (inclusive me) to keep playing chess and approving it.

  11. You do great work man keep it up! I just started playing chess a few months ago and got a club started with some friends. I'm looking forward to going thru your content thanks!

  12. Instead A, C, F, H. Easier Rook and Bishop pawn

  13. Just watched that movie for the first time this year!

  14. Anyone else getting a deep thumping in the video?

  15. This endgame series is so good. Its also very helpfull!

  16. Mr Nelson u r the best chess teacher on youtube. Ur channel is the best

  17. Hey! Love your videos man. Can you do a video about the IQP position? Thanks a lot.

  18. I am new to his channel and YouTube gives me one or two of his videos every time i open it. Every video of him is a fact based, well explained and intresting. I wish he achieves more success soon ❤️

  19. I always get mated with Queen+bishop or Queen+rook :/

  20. Queen endings are so difficult. Even my teachers (who are titled players) say they don't understand queen endgames. Are there any good books on the subject?

  21. Pro tip: don't get cocky and play Ka1 at 7:47 if you're black. If you are white against a not-so-great player, that might be worth a try.

  22. 8:48, you might want to mention that if Black plays Q-c3+, take with the King…

  23. The movie is nice but the only move to draw is Kc5 and not taking the knight since the knight and king is not in time to protect the pawn nor is it able the stop the pawn since the black king is too far to protect the a pawn

  24. i remember that movie like it was yesterday. the white king was on e5, allowing josh to skewer bobby's queen.

  25. i found that out the hard way when i was learning the basics back then. i allowed my opponent to queen his pawn, and ended in a draw. the dangers of playing too fast.

  26. when it comes to queen vs bishop pawns on c2/c7 or f2/f7, your king needs to be "within the square" or within close proximity of the opposing pawn to win the game, otherwise, it's a draw.

  27. I just want to know why stalemate isn't a win. If you're cornered and you can't move that should be a win. Just curious if there's an actual reason or if it's just pedantic people rules

  28. This reminds me of your legendary video of when you were doing the 50 moves video not the one with stockfish but the one has “this is the mist insane draw you will ever see” such a masterpiece

  29. A noob here. Can't the pawn just take out the Queen @4:01? Have I missed something?

  30. What to do in the following? (see FEN below, it's 2 Queens, and 2 pawns for white)
    Looks so easy to draw, I have a hard time with this seemingly advantageous position:
    8/7k/8/5q1P/1P6/8/3Q3K/8 w – – 0 1
    What are some basic techniques to have it easier?

  31. At 5.27, instead of taking the pawn, why not play Qa5 and mate him?

  32. That ending was so fake. If those kids were really that good they would have seen that skewer coming a mile away. GGs.

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