Queen vs Advanced Bishop Pawn Endgame Technique!

Practice the position here:
8/8/3K4/8/6Q1/8/5p2/5k2 w – – 0 1

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  1. Perfect play it's a draw, there is a few stalemate ideas for black and of played right the Queen can't get the pawn and black can always threaten promotion or stalemate.

  2. How do you Color the squares different Colors?

  3. The white king is out of the square of the bishop pawn, usually a draw.

  4. Awesome content. Thanks for putting it together

  5. 2:24 white is winning because white could move his king toward the black pawn.

  6. Studying the two winning techniques in these positions, instead of trying to remember that weirdly shaped winning zone, I think it's easier to remember that White wins if (a) his king can get to c2 or c3 in one move, or (b) his king can get to g3 in two moves.

  7. Don't understand if the king is not in the winning zone, it can always come in wherever it is. But it doesn't stop there. Still needs to get closer. So what makes it a winning zone and how is that calculated?

  8. I've been playing for over 30 years and have never seen this. I've just instinctively learned to do it. Now it actually makes sense.

  9. Kc5 is still winning and is what I would have played, not disputing what you've showed us though! Its just that white messed up, taking on f5 was fine but capturing on g4 was a blunder as it enabled a passed pawn. Silmans endgame taught me this stalemate trick its cool!

  10. 7:42 !What happens if black promotes it's last pawn to a knight which puts the white king in check straightaway ?

  11. I’ve never heard of the winning zone before. Is it a pattern that accompanies the bishop pawn idea? Is there a different pattern for rooks? 

    I get so much out of your videos. Thanx for doing what you do.

  12. At 4:40 the pawn would take the queen and black wins the game. Simple 😂

  13. Excellent explanation. 👍
    Waiting for some more End-Game & Check Mate lessons.

  14. 3:46 instead of c6 white should play Ke5 and than if black king capture pawn on g2 white king capture pawn on f4 and we have easy win for white

  15. Excellent, awesome but best.❤️❤️

  16. 10:46 It doesn't cover 4… Ke2. White has a cute combo with 5. Qe4+ Kf1 6. Qg4!! Ke1 7. Qe1#. However, it seems more intuitive to play 4. Kc3 so now if 4… Ke2 5. Kd4 Ke1 6. Ke3 wins. If 6… f8=N+ then 7. Kd3 and the knight is lost.

  17. Please do another video for the winning zone of rook pawn

  18. At 2:19 or 2:20.. when black advances with the pawn… Does not white miss a forced win?? To take/exhange pawns on g4 seems like a mistake when white can just play h4… and all pawns on king side gets locked/closed.. and king can't enter either.

  19. I think at 8:52 white can play Qd2 to win. Pinning the pawn sideways .

    I am not entirely sure if it is forced but there is this trick. Black plays Kg1. Kf3 – f1Q+ . Kg3 and black can’t stop mate or has to give up his queen.

  20. I just like listening to chess strategies. I used to play and I was pretty bad (and still am). My school had a week after Christmas break where we took a week of two classes that were mean to be fun. I took one for chess and it was the best one I ever took in those 4 years of high school

  21. I know the zone of "Rule of square" endgame.
    And I understand it.

    But what is this zone?
    How will I determine to imagine this zone ?

  22. 10:47 what if he got a knight? Would that still be a win for white, or would it be a draw?

  23. Makes a sense but in Blitz hard to realize it 🙂

  24. 10:50 What if in this instance, Black promoted to Knight instead of Queen? Wouldn't that become a draw?

  25. But what if black sees this coming and underpromotes to a knight?

  26. You probably- You probably should be banking with vista card.

  27. 3:38 doesn't pawn H4 basically end the game? You lock up the position and the King is too slow to stop promotion and if the King takes the step needed you go F pawn takes G4 and the black H pawn will be lost or if the king protects it once again promote the C pawn.

  28. On both occasions when the black pawn got to the end.. would it of made much of a difference if the underpromoted to a Knight??

    I assume it would at best prolong a victory for white?? But could it salvage a draw??

  29. Hey there is no zone in rook pawn let me tell you why.let just tell you left side rook pawn ok. If king go block the pawn it is going to be a stalemate because remember that the left side has a more space to king to go in bishop pawn, now, there is no space because this is rook pawn left side if the king block the pawn to get a queen and the white queen one right side top somewhere you cannot make turn if you make turn it's a stalemate because top queen will cover the cover the space the king can only go top, but, pawn is blocking. That's why rook pawn is a draw. Same thing on the right side.

  30. 3:43 why not keep pushing the c4 pawn?

    Black can't do much to stop the pawn from queening and it gives white a lot of extra moves.

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