Queen vs Pawn Endgame (Part 2) + Pop Quiz || Chess Endgames

This is video #2 from the “Endgames you Must know” playlist. It’s 2nd part of the King and Queen versus King and Pawn type endgame.
There is also a pop quiz in the later half of the video. I would advice you to take a piece of paper and note down your calculated guess as to whether a “Win” or a “Draw” before continuing further to the next position.

Endgames you Must Know Playlist:

Here’s a video about the Philidor Defense, one of the most important endgame positions:

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A video by Nandhini Saripalli.

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  1. Great video!I scored 5 out of 5. Please try to keep more of such quiz ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Correct. Very good work by Goan Chess Trio. Keep make ng such nice videos continuously. Enjoyed the Quiz.

  3. Please. What about winning zone? What is the idea? Have you made any videos about? Thanks

  4. This is the best video of chess i have seen I got 5/5 thank you Goan chess trio

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