Queen vs Pawn Endgame + Quiz – Beginner to Chess Master #16

This is video #16 from the “Beginner to Chess Master” playlist. It’s the King and Queen versus King and Pawn type endgame. How difficult can that really be? The queen is so much more powerful than that little pawn, how could it ever stand a chance? You might be surprised to know that there are several positions where winning is simply not a possibility with best play. We need to know how to win the won positions, and draw the drawn positions without any guesswork. One wrong slip, and a winning position can fall into drawn territory in this must know endgame, one that is no less important than King and Queen vs King. After this endgame is discussed, a pop quiz of 10 questions related to this topic is presented. How well will you digest the content, and how will you score come quiz time? Even an experienced player may stumble!

Beginner to Chess Master Playlist:

I’m a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who was introduced to the game by my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. 😀



  1. Dislike for the 3-minute irrelevant intro. Get to the point man, you talk too much.

  2. I will not get forked by a tricky knight
    I will not get forked by a tricky knight

    that's what I get for missing the two last ones lmfao

  3. 6:59 qb4-ka1-qa3-kb1 and all day for the white king to come close and mate


  5. I didn't hear the part where you're allowed to pause the video. I tried to get them all in those 2 seconds and ended up with 6/10 lol

  6. 8 of 10 It is the 8 and 10 th problem I failed.

  7. How can I become unstopable in games with time limit 7 minutes without any extra time. I would play in some amater legue soon. I'm waching and playing chees with computer almost every day. Witch gambit should I study?

  8. got 8/10. very happy with this… seeing as i didnt know much about this end game before this video. will make me not resign automatically next time i find myself with a pawn against a queen, if nothing else. great stuff…

  9. 9/10. Miscalculated 5th one. Thank you so much for the video

  10. Better way to remember: if the enemy pawn is one move from promoting on the a, c, f, or h files you're FACH'ed.

  11. Been watching your vids since 2009. 😁

  12. I had watched this earlier so i went queen vs pawn in a game. and i lost.
    now I am here again to correct my mistakes

  13. thanks very much Jerry, another excellent video, very well explained. I tried the quiz at the end & failed on 7&10, which you predicted would fox a lot of people. thanks again

  14. Learn so much with this series, thanks jerry

  15. I am astounded at how good this playlist is. Thank you.

  16. Jerry, thanks for being my teacher! I got 6/10 but adjusted for accuracy I got 8/10 LOL. I should have known 8 &9 were wins! Thanks again.

  17. I stumbled on 10 didn't correctly analysis the game critically

  18. Much more effective than learning from a book. Thank you

  19. I think a better mnemonic is for the winning conditions: d, b, e and g = don't beg!

  20. Wish I saw this before I accidentally entered a queen vs rook pawn (as the side with the queen) position and threw a game so hard

  21. Here’s another tip: instead of just writing down your answers, set up these positions and play against the computer. If you think it’s a win, try to win it as white. If you think it’s a draw, try to draw it as black. I had a wrong answer, #10, but after trying to win it I immediately saw why it was a draw.

  22. Wow. I finally get this now. I bought a 30$ course on endgame and didn't "really" get it after I went through this section. Now with this, it all makes so much sense. Thank you Jerry

  23. I would pay a lot of money for you to present quicker/more efficiently

  24. wait.. you kinda sound like nili from aoe2 de. Are you nili!!?

  25. Such an instructional video. You have a knack for this!

  26. 0:00 Introduction
    3:11 Position 1 (intro position, pawn way too far from promotion for any complication)
    3:55 Position 2 (rook pawn one space from promotion, king two spaces away, our king far away)
    5:08 Position 3 (rook pawn, king one space away, our king far away)
    8:45 Position 3 (bishop pawn, king one space away, our king far away)
    10:05 h.a.l.f handy reminder for (probable) draw (half point)
    12:29 Position 4 (center pawn, king one space away)
    13:20 (key squares for queen in these types of positions. I found this especially helpful!)
    19:37 Position 5 (knight pawn, king one space away)
    21:49 Summary so far
    22:30 Position 6 (rook pawn, pawn two spaces from promotion, king one space away, our king far away)
    25:39 Position 7 (bishop pawn, pawn two spaces from promotion, king one space away, our king far away)
    29:51 Position 8 (center pawn, pawn two spaces away from promotion, king one space away, our king far away)
    30:40 Position 9 (our king gets closer, which changes everything! bishop pawn)
    32:47 Position 10 (same, rook pawn)
    34:15 Puzzles/Quiz/Test (highly recommend trying)
    37:45 Answers
    42:18 An important example of an exception (you may well have got this puzzle question wrong)
    46:10 Wrapping up

  27. 6.5/10 actually I cheated on the last one I put it on a board editor and tested it myself but I didn't know it would be a win if the king is in a different spot so there is always something new to learn. Thanks jerry

  28. Hi, for the example where black pawn is on a2 and king on b2, why can not we not just move the white queen to e5? That checks the king and also prohibits pawn to move to the corner, because we can take if it moves and king is one square away so it cannot attack us.

  29. Unless I am missing something, either black and white have traded sides or the black pawn is trying to promote by moving to rank 1 of his own side. Am I making any since?

  30. l made myself my own quiz with flashcards while i was watching the video even before you give us the quiz 😆

  31. I aced the quiz, but instead of using a paper I used my phones calculator and typed in 1 for win and 0 for draw.

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