Queen vs Rook Endgame Tactics

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  1. 3:28 'You have lots of different options', like Qe8++ maybe 😀

  2. Who was in the “Most Popular” section thing and scrolled all the way down? 🤭

  3. lol the guy narrating the video is definitely low rated.

  4. 3:22 You showed Kc8 Qe6 (when Qe8 and Qc7 are mate) but the obvious best move is Ka8 there. How do you win in that position? Those are the kinds of things we click on these videos to learn, anybody can find these simple mate in 1s and rook forks when theyre there. The technical side can be tough bc, for example, Ka8 Qh8 Ka7 (Rb8 Qa1) Qg7 Ka6 (Ka8/b8 Qg8) Qd4 looks good to me but idk if that wins or not, I just cant see what black's next move would be, due to my small amateur brain

  5. getting your king to c6 with their king in the corner is tricky as hell

  6. 2:07 you sure about that chief how about the square your mouse is on

  7. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    HIMself instead of h-self or 'himself/herself'

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spivak_pronoun (my own variation is h for his/her/him and h-self or for h(im/er)self. lol.)

    i expect this from josh waitzkin in chessmaster which is a million years old, but from a 2019 video? hmm…

  8. I just had to draw a game because I didn't know how to do this. And it was a much higher rated player.

  9. …Rd7…Kxd7…Kb7 is won for white, no??? If I'm wrong…blame me, but if not….be a chess site with correct commentaries….

  10. Adds r getting more & more. Also longer. That is Addstube

  11. After 3:28 I had to stop watching. Qe8# is immediate mate, no reason to fork king and rook first with Qe6+. Not a very helpful video, I have to say.

  12. Need to check the theory for errors before publishing it. This video is full of errors.

  13. My PC always tries the stalemate – this end game is hard – the King is in the middle – what to do?

  14. There is no straight forward method to solve queen vs rook endgame. I mean tackle any random position with perfect accuracy. The way to solve this is to reduce the initial position to next lowest distance to mate position. For example if the initial position is 10 moves to mate then the goal is to reduce it to mate in 9 moves position then to 8,7,6,5,4,3,2 and 1. If anyone interested to learn this step by step then check this https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVQF5gqzqrR4wXJsFGCqnZlJZatPenapD. In this you'll find compilation of puzzles for each distance to mate position. Currently up to 5 added.

  15. How can we create philidor position. Plz tell 🙏

  16. I dislike this video. You didnt show properly how to make the checkmate from a normal position. First video of yours that ill give u a dislike.

  17. Not particularly helpful. You cover two specific scenarios, but in any other situation I have no idea what the strategy is, or what to do.

  18. I don''t think you explain this endgame well enough. Often you claim that it's obvious that a move doesnt work and move on but as a 1400 rated player i have no idea what your talking about.

  19. In the second position..move 2: queen d2 is winning faster

  20. In the position where you said black can give up the rook for stalemate, the king has the b7 square.

  21. Not so helpful, just the well known Philidor position and a very special random one. It would be interesting to know how one can systematically get the Philidor or any other winning position.

  22. I got to 2276 on Lichess without ever learning this so I'm watching.

  23. Nice. But how about starting the position with the king and rook in the middle of the board.

  24. I am around 1200 i just lost a game on time cuz i couldn't mate with queen vs rook xd

  25. Just blundered a draw in a queen v rook endgame, so I'll watch this

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