Queen vs Rook Endgame Tactics

Practice this endgame tactic:

Other endgames:

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  1. there is a thing called 3rd rank defense… and there is a way to beat that systemically once you reach that position. combine that with knowledge of philidor position and hope for the best I suppose.

  2. What about a position where rook and king are in center? You didn't explain that.

  3. when you decide to be a chess coach at 1000 elo…

  4. @Thechesswebsite at 4:10 you didn't mention if black Ka7 !

  5. I came here looking for general practical principles, along with examples demonstrating these principles. Nope.There are no general principles explained and shown. "Separate the King from the Rook" is advice that is given, but it has nothing to do with solving any of the three examples. Having watched this video, I don't have a better idea of how to win and any random position. Also, I have no idea how to defend, making it as difficult as possible.

  6. 6:07 DAMN Im pretty sure i saw this same position on nepo's game ….. if thats the case so he couldnt see a 4moves checkmate? man in a super gm… time to get back to the books. just kidding, the 3 nepo fans in the world(and they are in cave) finna get mads out there

  7. somebody should tell nepo how to do this, he is a super gm who doesnt know

  8. Just saw Magnus vs Nepo match, it's really difficult to convert…

  9. 2:10 is not a stalemate and 3:22 there are 3 possible checkmates 😂 queen c7 queen e8 and queen h8

  10. I decided to challenge nepo's bot at 2am in a queen Vs rook endgame. So difficult for real but I won after a few tries

  11. There is a book of 130 pages in 1895 that talks only about this ending . And according to it if the white is one to play then he can reach the mate or capture the rook within 31 moves . There are some specific algorithm to win against the rook from many different positions .the one created by Philledore might be too simple.

  12. I think most of the guys are waiting for an answer of how to force the black player into the Philidor position starting from a random position (off course except for a few positions where the black can force a draw )

  13. doesn't help at all thank you. SHow how you push the rook and king to the edge of the board and not the super easy part, that even 100 Elo Player can do.

  14. should have showed us from the centre of the board thats the hardest part

  15. What the fck is this format and how can this video last for ever. It's a 30 second topic

  16. When he was so focused on helping us understand he did not realize that it was a checkmate haha 3:28

  17. why would i play queen to e6, it's queen to e8 checkmate

  18. the king can move to b7 how is it checkmate?

  19. Who else came here right after drawing their first queen rook endgame lol

  20. Where’s the series you promised 🙄🙄🙄

  21. So a queen is better than a rook damn getting enlightened today

  22. Apparently if someone is "dancing" (left with just a king) you have 21 moves to checkmate him.

  23. yes new video. Please make more video about variations in the opening

  24. Make a really good chess strategy and how we can improve. Like a series id love to watch it

  25. @5:43 after Qd1, Re1 why not just Qd2 and its kinda over from there sooner

  26. This video was very helpful. Thanks Kevin. Sorry for asking but could you also make a video of how to draw with king and queen vs king, queen and knight please?

  27. Dear Atilda, To answer your question after Qd2, black will play Rd2.

  28. the phillidor position is easy enough but how to push the king into the corner

  29. 5:54
    Qc5 works too
    Threatens mate on f2
    Rook can prevent it with Rf8+ or Re2 both looses the Rook (Qxf8 or Qc4, pinning the Rook)
    So after Ke1 you Play Qa5+ and no matter where the king moves you can fork the king and rook and win from there.
    Takes longer, but is an important idea, to keep in mind, when playing such endgames. The key being, that you want to guard the square, where the rook can check your king. Also try to force the king to go an a square of the same color as the rooks square, to fork them more easily.

  30. The Queen VERSUS the Rook. The word isn’t VERSE. That makes no sense.

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  32. As a 1400 player, I drew against am expert (between 2000 and 2200).

    This demo is total crap! They only show ridiculously easy positions!

    Cray Blitz drew GM Walter Browne by keeping the Rook on the 3rd/6th rank and of c and/or f file.

    By separating the King and Queen, the Queen cannot win by herself.

    Browne was given 2 chances against Cray Blitz (back in 1984), the first time he failed. The second time he did it ON MOVE 50!

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