After a tough start, I have to beat yet another kid to get back into the tournament…but the position got completely drawn.


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  1. Hi Zach, I'm from Malaysia. It would be nice if you will enter the Johor Open 2024 which will take place in December. I am entering and would be very happy if you would too.

  2. I laughed so much to see this one.
    At first, you just had a game, second you started recording, then you are kicked out, then the only place you found was the street, then taxi driver and at the final f* cold weather!!! 😂

  3. Zack , I found Ke6 instantly and intuitively ( without calculation) as it is the only move that made sense to me in the position. Probable reason for this may be ..
    .1. Ke6 comes as"umbrella" under e5 pawn.
    2. As King goes to sixth rank ( Ke6) free from checks it does 3 things …
    a) forms or tries to form mating nets
    b) Prevents a pawn from pushing as black is seriously threatened
    c) Helps promote White's own pawns( possibly with tempo gains)
    d) If the King tries to escape mating nets it allows white to capture black pawn with tempo ( I mean after capturing there appears another mating net)
    These things are seen in the game .

  4. Thanks for accepting my friend challenge my user name are Bobby_stander.

  5. After pieces getting kicked out of the game, you got kicked out of a room. Must've been cold LoL.

  6. Good luck, and I wish you success in your chess career! ❤

  7. Bro your face when he said "You cant record here", really enjoy your videos Keep working, Love from India❤❤❤

  8. You did amazing to find that key move Zach. King E6 is a beautiful find from you. You have done absolutely phenomenal so far in this tournament, and the only way is up. Keep at it and keep on going Brev ❤️

  9. Really great endgame. Very impressive. I was watching with an engine and was sure it was a draw but you saw the chance and played super precise. One of your best wins for me.

  10. P.S. I'd be sorely tempted to go see an active eruption while I'm there… having said that, never had a more expensive taxi than in Iceland!

  11. So, you weren't allowed to show us the wall behind you… whatever

  12. kramnik after seeing the video be like : really really interesting

  13. Who would have thought people in Iceland are so annoying?!

  14. it would be really cool if you recorded this with lava in the background

  15. I am noticing a trend of you downplaying your achievements and focusing on your fails. Even though it's good from an educational point of view, you still need to appreciate your great plays more. You played such a masterpiece of an endgame! keep making amazing content and be less harsh towards yourself, we are all here for the journey even if everything doesn't go your way!

  16. LMAO YOU KEEP DOING RECAP OUTISIDE, i love this dedication

  17. Good luck for todays game, hope you bounce back after yesterdays heartbreak

  18. LMAO no way they kicked you out. Props for doing the recording outside

  19. No wait bro couldn’t wait till he went back to his hotel🤣🤣

  20. bravo ..super partie …dude la face que tu as fais quand il te dis (you can't do this here!!!)….haha!!🤣😂🤣

  21. Women love endgames too much and yet she lost this completely drawn rook endgame 😂

  22. That's crazy! Amazing game and a great video Zack

  23. Awesome game!! You need to get Anna C.'s connections. She gets to do her recaps right in the playing hall. Lol It would be an awesome video if you guys got to play each other. Good luck the rest of the tourney!!

  24. I love the let's get the fuck out of here in the end

  25. Bro got kicked out so hard that he got on the streets 😂

  26. So cxd3 should be called the “Kicked out variation”

  27. This guy!!! 😮😮 Insane game ! Ill make a video of this for sure soon!

  28. I'm genuinely curious if i could challenge you I'm not that strong, but i would be interested in seeing the gap between us

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