Rico Rodriguez Is Unlikely Chess Prodigy in ‘Endgame’ Trailer

Rico Rodriguez overcomes adversity and leads his school chess team to the state championship in ‘Endgame’ — out Sept. 25.


  1. I looked up Napoleon Dynamite 2 and this came up

  2. Is this a movie or TV show ???? And what is the name of this

  3. I meet the producer of the movie end game

  4. I know most of the actors I live in Brownsville was an extra in the movie

  5. This movie looks like str8 trash… Deport it. =]

  6. with trailers like these, who needs movies?

  7. Muy buena la película tienen que hacer más como estas es para toda la familia

  8. I love the chess, after this movie will playing more and more. 😀 Found movie with boxxy software, nice free app on my PC>

  9. I have been admiring the guy in the blue shirt from the last scene since the movie came out but I can never find his name or his Instagram

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