Rook and Pawn Endgames with GM Ben Finegold

GM Ben Finegold discusses five different games relating to rook and pawn endgames. This lecture was recorded on Sept. 19, 2017 at CCSCATL in Roswell, Georgia.

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Intro and concluding music: “Da Jazz Blues,” by Doug Maxwell; . Thank you Doug!


  1. Great video. Maybe get a better quality microphone though 🙂

  2. I feel like if we donated enough we could get you to play Rh7

  3. Just realized they don’t edit out trump jokes in this chess club
    The truth hurts

  4. I went to a Rolling Stones gig just today, and Ben mentions the Rolling Stones? Frankly, terrible. And spooky

  5. finally… videos are being uploaded. Is Archer in charge of the channel now?

  6. Thank you very much for recording, editing, and uploading these videos!

  7. "And now, like most of you in this room, black has no hope." haha!!

  8. Donald Trump IS the greatest president ever tho

  9. "you guys look like you're fine defensive players, yeah?" Archer "No" lol

  10. Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Atlanta says:

    The videos come every day!! Where’s the donations!??! 🤔💰

  11. Salo Flohr is great. Mostly because I’m also a Flohr lol

  12. "Maybe that's why he's famous and I'm some guy sitting at a table that I cleaned myself" lol Classic Finegold

  13. So funny the comment about Trump. No one thinks Trump is doing a great job, however Trump derangement syndrome does reveal the skirmish politically the country finds itself divided against itself as a quagmire. But after Obama who by many measures is considered the worst President possible and the thank God Hillary is not President for all Trump supporters felt she would make Obama look good. The government is so corrupt and America has fallen into such a dystopia, progressive, leftist, socialist, political correctness reality Trumps lack of cleaning the swamp is the new measure of bad politics. Traitors, criminals, murders, bought and paid for politicians run the country and no one is prosecuted and brought to justice. The inmates run the asylum.

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  15. Can you take off those sunglasses Ben or did someone you ribbed punch you on the nose?

  16. Great lecture.. thanks for the video..

  17. Thanks for telling us you can not see 46 moves ahead. I thought GMs can do that like they can remember thousands of games and variations and other stories/ chess history like Ben himself does or Reti playing simultaneous games – blindfold. O man, Truth hurts!

  18. 18:50 why doesn't Kc7 work here? The white rook has to move and the black king can get off the 7th rank with Kb6

  19. Well, your table might not be clean but you are quite famous.

  20. who is that larsen ben's always talking about?

  21. ”How are you guys still alive? Are you kidding me?” 😂

  22. Fischer could be wrong once in a while, but it risks a crease opening in the universe and history changing so that he's not wrong. I'd be careful.

  23. 24:56 – "Then they played in '81 and Karpov took him to school. But he picked him up at three thirty…. You take somebody to school, you should pick him up." LOL

  24. iirc I saw a stat that ~1/3 of RP(s)vRP(s) are drawn.

  25. You won't play …Ra8 you'll go home. Tho don't forget to put on your jacket and hat first. 😉

  26. Ben: You guys look like fine defensive players, yeah?
    Archer: No

  27. Adult Kid: "I was taught by Grandmaster Finegold"
    Other Person "Wow I bet you really understand chess now"
    Adult kid: "No my game still sucks, but at least I understand all his jokes"

  28. Man that guy really could not understand the difference between a passive defensive rook in a losing endgame vs a rook that’s slightly more active but can’t make any waiting moves and thus loses material.

  29. I have never enjoyed a chess class so much, the guy is really funny and also very good at explaining

  30. I made it 37 seconds into this video. I can't fucking stand this guy after watching other IMs and GMs on youtube

  31. great stuff! and funny too! Thanks a lot, MR. GM FINEGOLD 😉

  32. 5:12 lmao "also how are you guys still alive? Are you kidding me?"

  33. I ran into a interesting ending with a bishop and Queen… against his bishop other colour and king.. he quit before getting the awkward playing…but it was interesting in analyzing.

  34. 22.50 is like 'no questions only I can talk'. BUT PEOPLE HAVE QUESTIONS BEN!

  35. Hoy Ben, Is that you on the piano in the intro?

  36. "Chess is tough", GM Ben Finegold
    These endgames were really instructive… Thanks Ben, I learn something valuable from each of your lecture videos!

  37. draw for sure or 1% chance they could blunder and i win ,its more fun while it last and thats why im a loser

  38. Most people who can say "when we met I was taller than you" to me are only people I met before I was 9 years old. I hit 6 feet at 10 years old.

    I started smoking at 11 years old and Immediately stopped growing. Im now just under 6'3. Glad I didnt get any taller, to be honest.

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