Rook and Pawn Endgames with GM Ben Finegold

GM Ben Finegold discusses five different games relating to rook and pawn endgames. This lecture was recorded on Sept. 19, 2017 at CCSCATL in Roswell, Georgia.

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Intro and concluding music: “Da Jazz Blues,” by Doug Maxwell; . Thank you Doug!


  1. in 44:45 white rook is not force to take on f3 but instead must give check on Rd8 afterwards goes back to Rf8 = repeating position might be Draw…

  2. I’m thinking Fischer was declaring that Yates never beat World Champion Alexander Alekhine. Alekhine became world champion in 1927 I believe Yates victories were well before that

  3. Just Some Boy Probably Dressed in Corduroy says:

    @9:00 "I know when it's mate in 19…Aww, 18. It thought too long…depth 46." Makes you wonder why a computer needs to look 46 ply ahead in order to see a mate in 36 ply.

  4. Found this gem today. Instructive collection of endgames, excellent video!

  5. Perfect, was struggling with sloppy rook and pawn endgames and GM Ben has me covered in sardonic style

  6. Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Atlanta says:

    My step-son took over editing videos. Expect 3/5 videos a week the next 12 weeks… I’ve made 2/4 videos a week for months. Here they come!!

  7. Why would the engine need depth 46
    With mate in 18?

  8. Did you open a patreon account? Haven’t bought a lavalier mic? Terrible!

  9. Today I had to do a presentation and at the end I asked the class some questions. I got to point at people and say "incorrect!" like 10 times and only 1 time say "correct!" when I asked about predators and a guy said "politicians". I forgot to say "you with the right/wrong answer" damnit

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