Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know

Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know


  1. Or you could've just pushed the rook down to F1.

  2. Bro. the last checkmate was stopable cuz the queen was attacking the rook :<

  3. It’s not checkmate the queen can take after you take the pawn and check him when he promotes

  4. But isnt there a rule that when the same position happens 3 times its a tie?

  5. Or bring rook down and take it after Queen promotion

  6. Doesn't the queen control the corners?

  7. The "your friend will see the checkmate" is never true for me because im the only good chess player in my friend group

  8. The fact that that wasn't a brilliant move is disappointing

  9. But what if the king would have moved to the e8 square instead of the g8 square after white took the first pawn

  10. Why you not push the rook in the H to get the checkmate in the third move???

  11. What's the most insane is he had a checkmate with the 2 rooks

  12. E5 pawn could have been anywhere else and then black could when and prevent checkmate

  13. You have to know this, here's the moves it starts with

  14. The first 1 it was a miss cause u will about to checkmate

  15. What if the king attacks the rook at the left instead of the one at the right? Isn't it a repetition?

  16. Rook g8 after queen f8 would have been checkmate

  17. He moves towards other rook instead lmfao

  18. Stopping put the brilliant sign on moves that are not brilliant.

  19. quite sadistic, taking so many pieces one move after another. i like it

  20. what if we move the e5 pawn after white takes the second pawn?

  21. I haven't notice the e5 pawn, and thought like "why wouldn't the queen takes the rook?" lmao

  22. Wait coudnt the rook on f7 go to f1 so like that the pawn clouldnt queen or else theyd be dead?

  23. This tactic has a name but I forgot it since I only used it once

  24. You have to know this here's the moves it starts with

  25. You could have checked made it three different times😂😂

  26. The e5 pawn is Lukaku in the UCL final😅

  27. They are saying how did the bishop got out bro maybe the white horsey killed him😅

  28. True but even if he took your rook u still could have given checkmate

  29. How do you get to that position 🤔

  30. All u had to do is check the damn king cj

  31. Morrisleehaoyang 2 Malaya and Malainda says:

    This is the windmill tactic

  32. That's why I don't like the French defence 😂

  33. Or he just move that 1 little black pawn 💀

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