Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know

Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know


  1. Why we cant push our pawn coz his bishop is pinned and king is in the corner

  2. i just made a checkmate with black move the rook up then the bishop protects then move your pawn to the bishop and the bishop cant move so you take it make it to a queen and its a mate

    edit: i think that works idk cause i dont play chess that much

  3. Bro black is winning after Rook check King g6 pawn h6 pawn h7 white promote to the queen and we take Bishop then promote to the queen and checkmate

  4. I was spending alot of time trying to find a mate

  5. Is it just me or reaching the end can not just Queen a pawn but basically make it become any piece excluding king?

  6. Yeeeeeeeaaaah i have seen all moves for the first time

  7. What if he didn't make queen and put his bisof far


  9. "Material imbalance is too big"
    Proceeds to lose 2 pawns

  10. At the end of the day you can't stop these two pawns from queening 💀

  11. bro you can win this position. After G6, He advances one pawn, then you advance you pawn too. He advances his other pawn because he can’t promote to a queen or you take it. Then You advance your pawn in H7. And nothing can stop pawn takes G8

  12. Can you stop the two pawn from queen ingles?
    You coulnd

  13. but what if the pawn on b file moved 2nd time to b8?

  14. What happens if you move the bishop instead of queening?

  15. Dude there was a check mate
    After he blocks with bishop the king moves then we kill bishop

  16. "can you stop these 2 pawns from queening?"
    "fuck no"

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