Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know

Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know


  1. I've guessed it, at some point we will have to sacrifice the rOOOOk

  2. What if they promote it to da ruuk😶

  3. Instead of moving the king again, why can't we take bishop by rook and make it as checkmate..????

  4. If they give a chek with the rook it is an check mate

  5. I somehow got the king move right, and my elo is lower than my IQ.

  6. Note if white bishop plays h7 when you sac the rook : Rf8+, Bg8 block check is forced, Rf7, and its the same position, so either stalemate or repetition

  7. Can you stop the pawns?
    Yes, i can. I play players rated 250 and they are so bad. Imn also rated low, and im also terrible.

  8. How about bishop to H7 instead of making a queen.

  9. I don't understand how it is a draw, after the first rook sacrifice can’t white play Bishop h7?

  10. Fact: If someone who can find that stalemate trick, he would have beaten me in the first place

  11. I wonder how someone could get on that position

  12. What if pushing b7 pawn to b8, instead of moving a file pawn?

  13. But if you promote in tha roookhhh?

  14. Sorry instead of moving the king a second time can't you move the pawn twice and then maye with rook

  15. Rook to g8 is a checkmate

    How did now one notice that 😅

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