Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know

Rook Endgame Trick You Must Know
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  1. Na it's not a draw if you move your king to that king to mate…I mean checkmate

  2. But what are you doing If He moves the King you have to Take the rook and Then He can simply Queen and Control the promote square so black is still wining

  3. Isnt there a rule that checking enough times in a row end in a draw?

  4. I’m 400 ELO and saw this position in under 2 seconds.

  5. so you need to sacrifice… “THE ROOOOOOOOOOOK”

    and suddenly it's a draw!

  6. Is a draw because after the check, there’s Kc2. Basically, black is still threatening to promote the pawn to a queen and white’s king is too far to mate the black king. Which means that white will give perpetual checks and eventually black will promote the pawn to a queen and the queens will be traded out and it’s a draw

  7. Black is losing!
    You have a queen, and check check check takes and win

  8. It's a draw. The only way to prevent black from queening is to constantly give checks, none of which can make black move away from his pawn.

  9. I stalemated in an endgame where I had a queen, a bishop, a knight, and king, and they only had a king. You think I can win?

  10. Draw. Kc3 the move that makes it a draw. If you play Ka3, Qe5 to stop promotion + checkmate. If Kc3 Qe2 became if you queen, Qe5 is a skewer.


  12. Man forget that he can just move the king then the rook take the other rook then uno reverse card and tada you have a queen that can stop the pawn from being a queen.

  13. Even my teacher doesnt give give as much hw as much this guy does

  14. That was an easy win for white (possible win after 3 moves I guess)

  15. It is a win because the queen can slip in front of the pawn and stop it from queening

  16. Its a draw, if the king runs and queen goes to attack pawn, king goes back to pawn and if queen takes pawn, king takes and draw

  17. Qe5 – Qa1 then take the pawn or move the King

  18. When you sac the rook, det the black king can go to a1, and if you takes blacks rook its a stalemate.

  19. One thing, its useless to get a rook or bishop and a queen is litterly both of those, unless you're gonna get a knight get a queen. Never rook or bishop

  20. A and h pawns vs queen is draw but the pawn is 2 squares away from queening not 1 so (i think) its win

  21. I'm sure he didn't think all those stupid moves you suggested because he didn't think he was playing against a beginner.
    If white pushes his pawn, there's no point in threatening it with the rook.

    If white tried pushing his pawn to h6, an intelligent move would be black rook to b7, stopping the pawn from going to h7.
    If white rook to h5 then black rook to h7.
    If white then tries checking king by rook to h5, black king to c3.
    If white rook to a5 or c5, black king to b4.
    Black will eventually take the white pawn and either promote the pawn to a queen or loose the pawn taking the white rook.

  22. What if he doesnt take the rook when opponent is about to queen but Just goes away and if he eats the rook then you promote, no?

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