Rook endgames are tough🔥 #chess #chessgame #chessmaster #chesscom #chesslover


  1. Robert Pattinson after the batman:

  2. Чел ты старайся лучше говорить и не палить русский акцент а так ты харош

  3. What on earth was rxg7(from him) – terrible decision

  4. Deflect rook by sacrificing THE ROOK!! Queen vs rook end game

  5. After he played rook h1 you should have pushed g7.

  6. Why you didn’t up your soldier you have 2 move to up your soldier

  7. Me: ah nice another chess short
    Him: clicks three times to move a piece
    Me: oh this is the dude who doesn’t understand that you only need to click once to move a piece. Pause. Swipe

  8. What if u moved to rook up to guard the top row and then moved ur pawn up?

  9. Why’d he designate? Couldn’t he have made that into a draw?

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