Rook Endgames Crash Course – Rook & Pawn Endings – Fundamentals of Rook Endgames – Tips and Tricks

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This video will cover some of the basic and fundamental aspects of rook endgames. Rook endings in chess are the most common type of endgame in chess, with about half of all chess endgames falling into the category of rook endgames. Learning the Philidor and Lucena positions will help you draw games when defending against a pawn, and win games when you have an extra pawn. Additionally we will talk about counting tempi, cutting off the king, attacking pawn weaknesses, and more. Beginner and intermediate players will benefit most from this rook endings crash course. and amazon links are affiliate links.


  1. This video is so helpful! I'm new to chess, have been playing it for 4 months, and I've noticed that I am losing too many rook endgames where my initial position seems better simply because I don't have a clear strategy in mind. Looking forward to put your advices into practice!

  2. This was so helpful man. I recently had 2 rooks and 4 vs 2 rooks and 2. The starting position was white pawns on a2, b3, g3, h2, king on g1, rooks on f2 and f6. black pawns a3, b7, king on a7, and rooks on e2 and e8. I was so confused on ow to proceed but now I know that the outside passed pawns just push up the board and queen and the rooks assist in the queening journey. Very helpful to a 1300 rated player.

  3. At 20:10, white can actually win more easily by playing Re2 or Rf2, using an easier technique. To motivate the discussion better, the Black king should be placed on c7 or d7.

  4. Till today, i was able to make the game equal for me and my opponent and bring it into these rook and pawns endgame. But unfortunately, i lost in most of the games because I didn't know these although both my and opponent's points were equal. But , after seeing these i got to know so much that I hope to win in the next games

  5. Beated hikaru bot with just rooks

  6. I just want you to know that I watched this video a few days ago and today I got a tactic almost exactly the same as the one at 7:05 that I probably wouldn't have seen before and it won me the game a few moves later. Thanks 🙂

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