Rook & Pawn Endgames – GM Yasser Seirawan – 2015.02.03

Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan is amazed that so many chess games end with Rooks and Pawns. We must become proficient in these endgames. Three high-level recent games are featured, as well as the Lucena position.

David Howell vs Hikaru Nakamura, Tradewise Gibraltar (2015)
Vassily Ivanchuk vs Baadur Jobava, Tata Steel (2015)
Magnus Carlsen vs Michael Adams, GRENKE Chess Classic (2015)


  1. Wait…what was the winning move after Howell's supposed mistake in this Vancura rook and pawn endgame ? When you show such a difficult endgame , you must be accurate and thorough in your presentation .

  2. Wow, a Seirawan lecture, and also it's the endgame series! Very enjoyable and instructive, as expected.

    The story with Vassily Ivanchuk's endgame was hilarious 😀

  3. After Rd4, Kg3! is the Black win in the Nakamura game.

  4. Well people, these videos obviously aren't meant for the YT audience at first hand but to the club members on site. I've never had any problems following these videos.

  5. I kinda wish Mike talked like Yasser, but you can't have your cake and eat it too but when is Ben coming back!

  6. Yasser did not even show how black is suppose to win in the howell-nakamura game. it seemed like he was seeing that ending for the first time

  7. I'm pretty sure chessbase has a combination of keys to insert a null move. you don't need to waste moves to reach same position with other side to move. 

  8. Superb endgame Video Great to see Yasser back in St Louis.

  9. Yasser…..please… are a fantastic teacher….really the best…….but his name is NOT CarEEuana… is Caruana….as is Car-OO-Ana

  10. Doesn't Yasser Seirawan seem like a great guy?

    Whenever I see him commenting or teaching or whatever, he just comes across as very kindhearted and likable: a polite and well-spoken gentleman with a warm personality.

  11. I did not understand what was the move Hikaru played and what he needed to play to win

  12. Isn't Philidor from the 18th century?!?

  13. Soo… what was the win for Hikaru?

  14. @10:22 Yassir was completely right. Kg2 loses on the spot, because the black king is able to get back to the pawn and switch roles with the rook with h4, Rd4, Kg3, Rd3+, Kf2, Rd2+, Ke3 is gg.

  15. Rumor is he's still in recovery mode……it was brutal.

  16. I love Yasser as a teacher, incredible stuff!

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