Rook vs. Bishop Chess Endgames | Endgame Class – NM Caleb Denby

National Master Caleb Denby takes a condensed look at endgames where only one bishop and one rook remain. Positions from Comprehensive Chess Endings Vol. 2 by Yuri Averbakh.



  1. Great lesson, thanks…Regards to Saint Louis chess club from Emsworth chess club, England

  2. good endgame selection. Mastering bishop and diagonals seems easy to overlook in chess development.

  3. Thoughtful and clear as always! Thank you~

  4. Chess greetings from John Cochrane to all of you

  5. 13:38 bishop h5 or d5 is a tricky move but fortunately , I found a sollution for that:
    if h5:
    king g5
    if d5:
    king e5
    After discovered check, bishop f7 is the only move that saves the bishop for a while
    and then you move your king to f6
    after that is he tries to move the bishop then you know what you have to do.
    if he moves king:
    if e8 then rook e2 check and the only move to save the bishop is to move king f8 and then rook e7 wins the bishop
    if g8 then rook g2 check and the only move to save the bishop is to move king f8and then rook g7 wins the bishop
    hope this helps!

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