SECRET Chess Endgame Strategy & Puzzle: Best Tricks, Moves & Ideas to WIN King-Pawn End Games

In this video, I discuss a secret chess endgame strategy. The game that we are going to talk about is the king & 2 pawns endgame. This trick will help you to win such games easily against your opponent even if you feel you are stuck. I will give you the exact step-by-step moves, tips & ideas so that you can easily promote your pawns & checkmate your opponent. This chess strategy will help you understand the basic endgame concepts and help you to use your pawns in the best way. This trick can be played by both black and white. At the end, there is also an interesting chess puzzle for you all. Let’s see if you can solve that. You need to find the best move for black. I also show you the solution to the puzzle asked in my previous video. Let me know your comments on this chess video.

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  1. solution for puzzle:(case:1)
    black:f1(promotes to queen)(check)
    match winning advantage by queen
    black:f1(promotes to queen)(checkmate)

  2. the answer is the rook to h1 its check so king will take the rook and now promot the pawn to queen and the game is over

  3. It should be Rook sacrifice… The rest we all know…😏

  4. Rh1, king takes, promote to queen, king h2, queen f2, king h1, queen d4, if black doesn't move from h6 than king f8 and you can even escape then queen lose

  5. Black to move: Rh1+ (Sacrificing the rook to force check when the queen promotes)
    Kxh1 … f1=Q+ (if Kg2, then f1=Q#)
    Kh2 … Qf2+ (Every move has to be a check to prevent checkmate)
    Kh1 … Qe1+ (if black captures the rook on a7 with the queen, Rh8+ … Any king move, then Rh7+ wins back the queen when the king moves to the 6th or 8th rank)
    Any king move … Qd2+ (forking the second rook which will have to be captured instead)
    Any king move … Qxh6 (this is safe because the king can't be forced onto the 6th rank and it can move diagonally to the left toward the rook when it attacks)

  6. "Sacrifice is the soul of journey." ← Following this rule, our team played the following moves:

    "White has always won the game, but this time, he won’t make it – I’m 100% confident about that!"
    The foolish king – without thinking, now captures the rook completely forgetting Black’s plan! (Kxh1)
    f1 = Q
    "I have never met such a foolish king! Why did he capture our only hope ?!"
    9 very boring minutes later…
    Queen gets to d2 (Qd2#) = The greatest fork for the white couple!
    Scoreboard speaks to black → "You rock! What a dazzling game!"

  7. Sacrifice roum then make queen then check mate

  8. The puzzle:

    Rook to h1 to give check to king, then the king will capture it by moving to h1. After that, we can promote our pawn to queen by moving it to f1, this also gives a check so white will have to move his king to h2, now we are going to move our queen to f2 giving a check to white and also threatening the rook on a7. white has to move his king to h1 and then we capture the rook on a7

  9. Solution:-
    Sacrifice your rook by moving it to h1+ , after king takes rook promote your pawn to queen and again give a check then king moves away then move your queen to f2 to fork king and rook and stop the check mate

  10. black Rook h1 white king takes black promote a pawn to queen white move king h2 queen f2 white h1 black queen capture rook

  11. Róok H1 check, king has to capture , promote to queen check , queen to f2, king after queen to f2 , king is forced to h1 , then queen e1 check , then king to h2 or g2( doesn't matter) , then queen to d2 check , and then you capture h6 rook , then easy win for you 😁because your sweety is safe now and you have eliminated one of the rook .

  12. Rh1,if king captures then pawn promote to queen,checkmate

  13. This is quite an interesting puzzle! One not only needs to see the rook sacrifice, but also to take the correct white rook (via a forking check). Taking the more “convenient” but wrong white rook loses for black!

  14. Rh1 the king takes black promotes king to h2 is only legal move and black's queen is unstoppble

  15. Rh1+ kxh1 pf1+ kh2 qe2+ kh1 qd1+ kg2 qd2 forking king and rook

  16. Sac the rook on H1 and promote to a queen

  17. Answer of the puzzle;
    First — Rook to H1. Sacrificing the rook to promote his pawn.
    Second — Pawn promote to a queen. King to G2 is the only move.
    Third — Queen to F2. Forking the king and rook.
    After queen takes the rook, this will be an easy game for black. And if white don't take the rook, black can promote to a queen and checkmata in a trap place for white king. I love your puzzles and why some of them are very hard.❤️❤️❤️

  18. This chess video puzzle answer is rool to h1 then when white Will capture rook promote your pawn inyo a queen and this is a checkmate!

  19. Rh1 A rook sacrifice if black takes the rook then Pf1 promote to queen and it is a check mate or if king goes to g2 then Pf1 promote to queen and it's a check mate

  20. rook h1 if king does not take the rook and plays g2 then promotes to a queen and thats a checkmate so white has to take the rook then black promotes to a queen

  21. 1) promoting pawn to queen
    2)if rooks try to harm the king then taking king to f8

  22. Rh1 check king takes place promotes king h2 queen g2 check king g1 or h1 then queen e1 check king g2 or h2 queen d2 check forking the king and rook

  23. It's Rook to b1 bc if white takes the Rook, you can promote to queen and fork the Rook and King.
    If he does not take, you can promote to queen and that's a checkmate.

  24. we can do rook h1+ if king take the rook h1 then pawn to f1 pawn into queen f1+ and if king go to g2 instead of capture the rook then pawn into queen f1 mate

  25. Rh1+ Kxh1 pawn promotes to queen Qf1#

    Rh1+ Kg2 pawn promotes to queen Qf1#

  26. Rook to h1 if king takes rook pawn to f1 is complete wining if king goes to g2 pawn to f1 is a checkmate

  27. R h1 then pwan Pramod to queen chekmate

  28. Rook moves to h1
    King takes
    Pawn promotes to a queen
    After a few checks black can grab the rooks

  29. Rh1 check Q take Rh1
    Pf1 PromotQ checkmate

  30. rh1+ king is forced to capture when he captures we play f=q#

  31. Move to to H1 check
    White captures
    Pawn to F1 promotes to a queen check
    White's move to H2
    Black queen to F2 check
    Moving to a7 is bad because opponent moves another rook to h8 check we moves king to 7 rank only option he moves to h7 check we moves king he captures the queen
    So move to e1 check
    Opponent moves king to h2
    We moves queen to d2 forking the room and king

  32. the solution is to sacrifice the rook to h1 if he takes the pawn Queens. if he didn't take again Queens and win

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    Can you Solve the Puzzle? Answer here….

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