SECRET Chess Endgame Strategy & Puzzle: Best Tricks, Moves & Ideas to WIN King-Pawn End Games

In this video, I discuss a secret chess endgame strategy. The game that we are going to talk about is the king & 2 pawns endgame. This trick will help you to win such games easily against your opponent even if you feel you are stuck. I will give you the exact step-by-step moves, tips & ideas so that you can easily promote your pawns & checkmate your opponent. This chess strategy will help you understand the basic endgame concepts and help you to use your pawns in the best way. This trick can be played by both black and white. At the end, there is also an interesting chess puzzle for you all. Let’s see if you can solve that. You need to find the best move for black. I also show you the solution to the puzzle asked in my previous video. Let me know your comments on this chess video.

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  1. F2 to F1 promote it to Queen
    then if white plays rook to h8
    Queen to f8
    Is it right????

  2. The first move is obvious Rh1+, promoting to a knight won't work because the white king can easily escape with g2 square. So after Rh1+, the only legal move for white is to capture the rook, after capturing the rook, we will promote to a queen. Now here is the tricky part, we have to resist the temptation to capture the a7 rook a few moves later, because after the Rh8+, your queen will be gone. What we need to focus is on the h6 rook. We will check the white king back and forth until we fork the king and the h6 rook, the white king will not be able to escape because there aren't enough squares for him, and nor are their enough moves for him. We will fork them from the nearest d2 square, which can be easily done, even if the king tries to escape. After that we can capture the desired rook and at that point white can resign. He can try to check us with the other rook but we will draw our king towards the white rook by never moving to the 6th rank(moving there will cost you your queen, which will be a huge loss). We will move it till the b file and there are no more checks.

  3. Rh1+ Kxh1
    f1=Q+ Kh2
    Qf2+ Kh1
    Now black can easily win this game from here

  4. First the rook to

  5. Sir, in this chess puzzle firstly we have to give the check with the rook( after the king kills the rook/ if king does not kill the rook than we have great advantage of winning this match), we will promote the pawn to queen giving another check with this I am thinking we will win also and we can save the king.

  6. Puzzle solution rook to h1 check then king take pawn f1 queen promote and check king move then qieen on f2 check then king move on h1 then rook queen take rook on a7 is just winning for white

  7. Rook to h1 then king capture And go h1 then pawn promoted into queen in g 2
    , check then king h2 then queen g2 , again check so, King h2 and finally queen b7 and capture the rook.

  8. I actually already knew to move the B6 pawn because I learned it from a special website

  9. With the puzzle, I think you need to promote the pawn to a knight

  10. please tell us how to mate with 1 night and a bishop

  11. Sir I lost from black and my opponent has 2passes pawns

  12. Wish i could subscribed your channel two years ago

  13. How to deffence the king and rook endgame from the checkmate

  14. Rook to h1 isthe answer now he has two options 1.capture the rook 2.move to g2 lets seethe 1st one if king captures rook then we will promote to queen with a checkhence win the game lets see 2nd one if king to g2 then promote to queen with check and hence win the game.

  15. Yes then the triangle is the hero of the game 👍

  16. Black rook to c7, then white will capture the rook, then black king to d8, if white plays rook h8 then the black king will capture the rook.
    Chess talk is this ok?

  17. Rook move 1h and king capture next movie pawn promote to quean and check next move quean 6f and simply win the game

  18. Black rook to h1 and kxh1 or kg2. IF kxh1 then we can promote the pawn to a queen if kg2 then we can promote the pawn to a quuen and its a checkmate

  19. How do you think all this Jetander Advani, it is very good!

  20. R- H1

  21. B: Rh1+, white takes, black promotes and check, black moves the king to h2, white keep checking until the queen is on d2, then gobble up the rook on h6(I became brilliant after I read the reply to M2K FF TAMIL, the person who replied is Kamlesh Dewivedi)

  22. Ra1 Kxa1 c1=Q and we will keep reapeating cheks

  23. The first part of the video is looks like mate in13

  24. Rook to h1 = king to h1. Spawn promotes to a queen = check and king to H2 queen to F2 = check and king moves to F1 take out white rook

  25. 1. Rh1+ Kg2 2. f1=Q#
    1.Rh1+ Kxh1 2.f1=Q+ Kh2 3. Qf2+ Kh1 4.Qxa6
    The first move is black's

  26. he can get a match winning position by playing Rh1+ Kxh1 f1=q+ Kh2 Qf1 +Kh1 Qxa7

  27. Rh1 check
    King captures on h1
    Then promote f pawn to queen 👑
    Then it's a check
    King to h2
    Then queen to f2 check and the rook is gone 🤗🤗🤗
    And the checkmate wouldn't be possible for white!!!!

  28. Answer to the puzzle: Rh1. Now white can't play Rh8 because it's
    check. After King takes, f1=Queen . Then Kh2, Qe2,Kh1,Qd1,Kh1,Qd2. Now black wins the rook which is a match winning advantage. 9️⃣moves you get the rook.

    Nice Puzzle. Email me (if you want ):

  29. Rook to corner square should be done by black so the king has to capture the rook then black can promote pawn to queen and its a checkmate

  30. How many times that we change pawn into queen

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