Secret Chess Endgame Strategy & Puzzle: Queen vs Knight + Bishop: Best Chess Tricks, Moves & Ideas

In this video, we will discuss chess endgame strategy. The game that we are going to talk about is the queen versus knight & bishop. This trick will help you to draw games even if you feel your opponent can win fast and easy. Just follow the moves, tips & ideas mentioned in this video, you will really enjoy it. This secret chess trick will help you to irritate your opponent & force him to accept a draw. This trick can be played by both black and white. Alongwith this, there is an interesting chess puzzle exercise at the end. Let’s see if you can answer it correctly. This is one of the best and unique chess videos you will find. You need to play around with your King, knight & bishop to achieve a draw. In the puzzle, you need to find the best pawn moves for white to win the game.
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  1. Puzzle …… In simple words …… Middle pawn first , if black takes with right pawn , white puts left pawn , if black takes again with middle pawn , white advances his right pawn , black cannot capture again……

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  5. Answer for puzzle:first move middle pawn. If he capture A pawn, white pushes his C pawn(or) if he capture with the C pawn we will push A pawn forward since he can capture only one in a move we can promote that pawn

  6. Amazing trick! I never thought that this would be possible.

    The answer to the puzzle is:

    1.b6 cxb6(or 1…axb6 2.c6 bxc6 3.a6) 2.a6 bxa6 3.c6 and black can´t stop the white c-pawn

  7. Thank you uncle I am doing very good for your chess tricks.

  8. For the puzzle, the first move is b6, which is then taken by A file pawn. Then c6, which is taken by the B file pawn. Then advance with the A file pawn and promote to a queen.

  9. b5 pawn to forward
    he takes with a7 pawn
    move forward a5 pawn
    then he cant stop it go forward

  10. Pawn b6 sacrificing the b pawn
    Black takes with the a pawn
    Then sacrificing the c pawn too by playing pawn to c6
    Then the b pawn captures our c pawn on c6
    And then I can promote my a pawn

  11. A 1:1 puzzle will be a stalemate and the game ends in a draw. But there is an outstanding trick that mostly only Russians are able to find out. So let’s get started ↓

    "Oh no, there are 3 pawns; my friends, it’s time for me to say goodbye!"
    "I wanted to eat you, but I’ll kill myself if necessary. I’ll die if I don’t eat you!" (Capturing pawn)
    2. a6
    Preparing to lose the a6 and b6 pawns, but c6 pawn can kill the king anytime!
    Now capturing a6 pawn, but fate suddenly decides to run it’s own course and Black is completely unaware of this!
    3. c6
    Now Black is so helpless, he cannot stop this pawn | I mean… the queen, and that Black was too greedy and craved for the pawns, but you can fall into a trap easily if you are not attentive.

    So, that is the moral: Grasp all, lose all – Never allow your greed and craving get the better of you!

  12. If black moves first they're winning with knight and bishop

  13. 1.b6 if a takes on b6 then c6 if c takes on a6 then c6 since black can take only one of them
    you could promote the other and win the game.

  14. White Black
    b6 – a×b6
    c6 – b×c6
    a6 – queen will be promoted

  15. Puzzle 🧩 answer:
    (White pawn to b6,if a7 pawn attacks b6 pawn then white pawn moves to c6) if black takes any one white pawn,we can move our another pawn and bring back our queen.

  16. 1.a5 pawn to a6

    2.b7 pawn capture a6 pawn

    3.b5 pawn to b6

    4.use the c7 pawn to capture and the c5 pawn can promote to a queen.

  17. Good chess tricks..Thanks for this super chess trick video..MAKE ANOTHER VIDEOS LIKE THIS..GOOD LUCK

  18. 1. b6, axb6 2.c6.if bxc6 then a6. if bxa5 then cxb7 OR 1. b6, cxb6 2.a6. if bxa6 then c6.if bxc5 then axb7

  19. Puzzle
    b6 if axb6 then c6 and when bxc6 a6 wins the game
    If cxb6 then a6 and when bxa6 c6 wins the game
    In any move black doesn't capture we capture Black's pawn and simple promote

  20. First move is b6. If black makes a king move or pushes a pawn you simply capture either the a7 or the c7 pawn and make a queen. If black plays axb6 then you will play c6 challenging the pawn on b7. If black ignores you will capture the b7 pawn and make a queen. If black captures the pawn on c7 then you have cleared the way for the a pawn to promote this same exact process happens if the pawn in c7 captures the pawn on b6 instead of the a pawn

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