Secret Chess Endgame Strategy & Puzzle: Queen vs Knight + Bishop: Best Chess Tricks, Moves & Ideas

In this video, we will discuss chess endgame strategy. The game that we are going to talk about is the queen versus knight & bishop. This trick will help you to draw games even if you feel your opponent can win fast and easy. Just follow the moves, tips & ideas mentioned in this video, you will really enjoy it. This secret chess trick will help you to irritate your opponent & force him to accept a draw. This trick can be played by both black and white. Alongwith this, there is an interesting chess puzzle exercise at the end. Let’s see if you can answer it correctly. This is one of the best and unique chess videos you will find. You need to play around with your King, knight & bishop to achieve a draw. In the puzzle, you need to find the best pawn moves for white to win the game.
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  1. 1.b6 cxb6 2.a6 bxa6 3. C6 and white's pawn promotes

  2. I tried this fortress teqinuke and draw the game. Thanks for this to share

  3. Sir i stuck in same type of this thing why don't you posted this earlier so i might win last night game the puzzle one game same manner i stucked

  4. R6,,and when C,,takes D6,, S6,,then when it takes c6

  5. The solution to the puzzle is :1.b6 cxb6 2. a6 bxa6 3.c6 1-0
    If 2…cxb6 does not happen then we capture the b7 pawn


  7. Please provide more endgame strategies like how to checkmate with king and rook

  8. The right answer to the puzzle is B6 cxb6 or Axb6 C6 if bxc6 then a6 a7 a8=Queen or if bxa5 cxb7 and b8=Queen

  9. 1. b6 cxb6
    2. a6 bxa6
    3. c6+-
    Is it correct?

  10. Answer:b6
    Explanation:if axb6 then move a pawn and soon a8=Q and if cxb6 then then move c pawn and soon c8=Q

  11. b6 cxb6 a6 bxc5 axb7 a6 b8=Q then white can win

  12. sir… i failed when i played like this
    i actually fell for a trap where the white king was in 4f, white queen was in 5h and my king was in 3h
    you see sir, it is a checkmate
    is there any way to prevent this attack?

  13. Pawn to b6 if black capture with. his c7 pawn move your a5 pawn forward and if black capture with his A7 pawn move your c5 pawn forward now black can only capture 1 pawn if black capture his b6 c7 pawn capture on b7 and promote and if black capture on c5 with his a7 pawn capture on b7 with your a5 pawn

  14. Daily Puzzle – 1.b6 if cxb6 then 2.a6 bxa6 3.c6 and white wins and if axb6 then c6 and with this same method white could win the game

  15. Amazing trick! I never thought this that this would be possible.

    The answer of the puzzle is:

    1.b6 cxb6(or 1…axb6 2.c6 bxc6 3.a6) 2.a6 bxa6 3.c6 and black can´t stop the white c-pawn

  16. Carnatic Conservatory of Paris #CCParis says:

    1.b6 cxb6(or 1…axb6 2.c6 bxc6 3.a6) 2.a6 bxa6 3.c6

  17. Pawn B6 is the strongest move because after this :-
    1. Capture using pawn on A7 can be
    responded by pawn C6.
    2. Capture using pawn on C7 can be
    responded by pawn A6.
    3. If he doesn't capture, pawn on E6
    can capture A7 or C7 either.

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