Stop Being Greedy In Chess Endgames!

Stop Being Greedy In Chess Endgames!

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  1. my first brilliant move from fining it from this guy's puzzles

  2. Take the queen then grab the pawn when promotes

  3. Take queen with rook, the bring your king to his pawn without allowing his king to block you

  4. To draw you sac the rook by taking the queen and then you are able to catch the pawn and it’s a draw

  5. i have another way – when king in e2 capture the queen king have to take it and then simply take the pawn

  6. That’s right you guessed it you sacrifice… THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOK
    Rook takes queen king takes rook we move our king to C2 and it’s a draw

  7. Instead of Kd1, can't you just take the queen and then get the pawn?

  8. if you capture the queen the king makes the opposition so King D1 is the move if you take the rook it is a draw

  9. Draw by insufficient material rook takes queen and there is no way black can save the pawn on the b file

  10. I found it this is my second time finding a brilliant in one of your videos

  11. He sacrifice the rook and then when he takes you come to the pawn

  12. Or instead of that you can take the queen with the rook before going to d1

  13. Rook takes queen and then King c2 is ending as a draw or even winning if black is dumb enough to dodge the rook

  14. Can we just take the queen after king e2 and pawn b3 ??

  15. When the rook is between the king and queen, can't you take the rook then and then take the pawn? The kind is too far away to block

  16. Rook take queen e4, black king take back, white king come closer to the pawn, draw for white

  17. Nah I did not see that till he said try to find it could u believe it

  18. Just wanna say you’re insane at chess I’ve now grown to 400 elo to 1461 elo tysm!!

  19. Once the white King goes to e2 he should sac the rook by taking the queen and then you have enough time to catch the pawn and draw the game

  20. To draw u have to take the queen putting the other king in check, he takes the rook, and u move ur king to c2 and take the promoted pawn on the next move

  21. Wasnt taking the queen when ur king is at e2 still draw?

  22. You could also take the quen and you would be able to capture the paqn 2 solutions

  23. Catch me

    Chat history

    Ben stokes



    Almost there

    The move is 👇

    the move is the chessscape can't get it


  24. You can also take the queen. he has to take and you are in time to take the pawn

  25. Rook takes queen then the pawn cant promote

  26. "Chess is not about winning, it's about not losing"

  27. You coould also sack the rook then chase the pawn

  28. Hey man, I checked this puzzle with the engine and it said it's not a draw because black doesn't have to play b4. Is that correct or is my engine wrong?

  29. Take queen king takes back and get closer to the pawn to draw the game

  30. Instead of that king move he can just take the queen and king can take the pawn

  31. This is simpler
    After a3, Rxe4+ Kxe4 Kd2 or Kd1 and its draw

  32. When pawn pushes to b3, can’t you just take the queen and be in time to catch the pawn?

  33. after ke2 pawn b3 if you take queen with the rook they are forced to take or move the king and if they move you win the game a rook up and if they take your king actually reaches the pawn in time

  34. When the king is under the rook you might as well take the queen, now he either takes the rook or pushes pawn. If push, you move rook and take the pawn on your next move. If he takes, your kind is close enough to get to the pawn before promotion

  35. I would Sacrife rook to E4 if king takes rook move to king to C2 any move black do i can draw

  36. I found it but I didn't know why the move worked 💀

  37. hi man, i want to thank you, yesterday i played a two pawns X Rook endgame and using The tecnic that you teach on your channel I was able to win The game

  38. I go Rook takes e4!! He take the rook, i go to the pawn, Draw!

  39. By the way what about
    Rxe5+ Kxe5 Kd2 b2 Kc2 b1 Kc1 1/2

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