Study Chess with me – Mastering Mined Squares (endgame strategy)

Join me on this chess journey to improve our chess as we study chess together. I will study chess tactics, as well as chess strategy learning from Ludek Pachman’s masterpiece, “Complete Chess Strategy”, and studying endgames from Mark Dvoretsky in his magnum opus, “Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual”.

I share my spontaneous comments and impressions as I work through it all, including live recorded failures and successes as I work the exercises. You are invited to study the same material at the same time, or to just put the video on while you study chess on your own, and I study alongside you.

Let’s take our chess to the next level!

In this video, we move to the section on mined squares, and important theme of pawn endgames, with some instructive examples and a fantastic trap at the end..

0:00 Intro
1:25 Mined squares theory
3:42 Illustrative example no.1
5:21 Illustrative example no.2
9:09 Alekhine vs Yates (1910)
11:51 Brilliant trap for mined squares

Here are the books and sources mentioned in this video:

Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual:

Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual (ChessBase version):


  1. Thanks for the video. Very good lesson and interesting positions. To know the principles is of utmost importance.

  2. the Kobese game without the two black pawns would be a win for white (white to move first or black to move first)… because the black king cannot reach the corner h8 and cannot win the h3-pawn

  3. thanks ๐Ÿ‘ kindly continue doing so …I was reading alone but it is fun with a video

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