Test Your Pawn Endgame Knowledge, Part 1 | Principles of Chess Endgames | GM Naroditsky

In this and the next video, I offer 5 exercises to test your knowledge of the previous five pawn endgame videos. Each exercise is meant to help review and deepen your understanding of the concepts that I went over in the previous videos, as well as to nuance and strengthen your ability to approach difficult pawn endgames as a whole. Enjoy!



00:00 Intro
5:40 Capablanca, Tuckerman Endgame
10:50 Rubinstein, Leonhardt Endgame
19:00 Polgar, Bareev Endgame
29:17 Tipary, Portisch Endgame
40:30 Smyslov, Dyslin Endgame

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  1. Thanks a lot Danya, you are spoiling us with all this great content !!!!!

  2. Oh boy this is the best pawn endgame video ever made thus far, but hopefully it will be topped sooner than later! Edit: Is there any way to switch the board, so that white would always be on the bottom?

  3. I was waiting for this video and you didn't disappoint me at all! Like always..
    I've heard of a "Pawn Diploma", is that a thing?

  4. Thank you Daniel for such instructive material on end games, it is really helpfull to learn, from zero to hero…

  5. I think I had the right intial idea in all these puzzles, but before I could pat myself on the back, Danya shows some nuance in the position that never occurred to me without which it wouldn't even be winning… very instructive and humbling

  6. I love you Mr. Naroditsky, you are a man worthy of great respect.

  7. I won't ever be a GM or any title in Chess, but I am becoming so much better by watching your lessons even a stupid fool like me can understand. Thank you so much for making Chess knowledge available to everyone.

  8. if you imitate yassar then the other hotel rooms would not be bothered by noise and it's funny 😉 great content bdw

  9. Great video as always sir your channel is truly a TRESURE, I have watched lots of your videos and your speed runs my chess understanding has improved significantly I just want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you

  10. i thought i was doing very well when i found the win in the first position… then the next 4 positions were significantly more difficult…

  11. EZ breakthrough is when you promote and type "ez" yeah?

  12. There is a mistake in the solution of puzzle #2 Rubinstein-Leonhardt: You say after 1.Kf4 Ke8 (draw, correct) 2.Ke5 Ke7 (draw, correct) 3.Kd5 Kd7 and you say they dance with the opposition and it's a draw. Nope! 🙂 Correct is 3…Kf6! which transposes to the pawn race line in the video. If 3…Kd7 then 4.g5! Ke8 (if gf then h6 and promotes) 5.fg Kf7 6.h6 g4 7.Ke4 a5 8.ba b4 9.a6 b3 10.a7 b2 11.g8=Q+! Kxg8 12.a8=Q+ wins

  13. Danya is the best chess teacher for the people! I've gobbled up ur videos like crack on a rainy day <3

  14. 16:22 in this position black can play 1. …a5 2. bxa b4 3. a6 b3 4. a7 b2 5. a8=Q b1=Q+ and black promotes with check! How do you deal with this?

    Edit: nevermind, black plays b4 you just chase the pawn with your king

  15. I truly hope all this effort (research, video, detailed file) pays off because it is the very best free chess content available for intermediate players like myself and it would be wonderful if they'd keep coming. Danya is a fantastic teacher, I just can't express my appreciation

  16. Danya you are spoiling us with these videos. What instructional treasures!

  17. thank you sensei, this is very hard but also very useful, only the first one i got right till the end, others i was usually right for the first few moves but couldnt beat stockfish. Very complex positions, i need to watch this a couple more times. 🤯

  18. I enjoyed and love this video Danya <3. So instructive and I see things what I never have being teached about and simply didn't know. Its really important where and how to place your king in those kind of positions. If I had such pawn structure on a board in a tournament, I bet for myself that I would put my king on the wrong square..Keep up your great work and thanks for putting all your effort making this knowledge in simple terms sharing with us. Enjoy your stay in Toronto & have a great time. Cheers from Netherlands

  19. I've watched every Danya youtube video since he started, but this.. this is just fantastic.. the energy of the intro and his love of what he does. So glad too, that he cares about audio now – it used to be appalling, but a few months ago he fixed it.

  20. Thank you for uploading this! I appreciate all you do

  21. Gasp
    LOOK! Is that Danya‘s bead on the nightstand there??

  22. There are many great teachers out there, Seirawan showing the mystery of chess, Finegold, no one is funnier and more entertaining…but you're the best. Things you teach stick and becomes knowledge.

  23. This guy is so productive… New hotel and new place and instead of kicking back and watching tv or relaxing he's posting the this creamy goodness.

  24. Hello from Ottawa, hope you're having fun on this side of the border

  25. This is exactly the content I need in order to improve, will you cover other types of endgames too? For example principles in rook endgames. Love your content Danya ❤

  26. You are in my home town! I wish you were doing a meet and greet. Would have love to have you sign a chess board. You are the best chess coach I’ve ever had.

  27. That room looks like its from the Soviet Union, a chess Grandmaster teaching the game is perfect there… now you just need to make a video on how to draw 80% of games with the white pieces and a berlin draw guide

  28. As strange as it may seem White actually has two solutions in the second example. White can play Kf5 also however its not as concrete as Kd5.

  29. Oh. Man!! You mean i have to do my homework first?? Lol.

    Sitting down after a few beers and just wanted to watch a video. Everything has to be like a full-time job with chess!

  30. i been loving these you are truly an amazing chess teacher. I think zugzwang literally translates to move force or forced move but I'm Dutch so if I'm wrong then nevermind

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  32. Thank you Daniel, this is amazing, I really learned a lot, I'm a better chess player because of you! <3
    I just hope my opponents don't watch you too, cause then I still lose 😉

  33. Who is Rebecca Harris?

  34. I know that it can be discouraging sometimes to see low view count on your content, but audience reach and content quality are completely different things on YouTube – you can easily get more views even with mediocre content if you have very clickbaity titles/descriptions which catch the YouTube algorithm's interest. It's also undeniable that there are fewer people online who are serious about improving in chess and have the patience to sit through a full-hour lecture; most casual chess players are just looking for fun and not real improvement. So please don't be disheartened with the view count, I really appreciate the high quality endgame series being produced and I'm sure others here think the same too.

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